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Well it is that time of year again, the time of year in which all things are old and need to be renewed. I have often written that this blog was created for many ways of communicating to my friends about how I have saved so much with so little.

Though the truth is that is only the way I saw it, that is not how God saw it.

My past marriage struggles are no secret, in fact, sharing our testimony has now become a way of life. We (my hubs and I) LOVE to share all that we have been through in hopes that it will help others whom feel they are at a point of no return.

Sadly enough we have been sharing our story a lot lately and though that makes us feel victorious it also saddens our hearts, being that it just means there are more and more couples struggling in their marriages.

Therefore I am renewing my blog a bit an taking on a quite different direction. Now don't freak out I will still be sharing my fabulous savings, but I am also going to add articles to encourage all types of marriages, not just struggling ones ;-)

Because the fact is during our darkest times I found myself alone. ALL alone =0(

However I had my computer and though at times it was the fuel to our fire it was also my sanity/encouragement. Due to the fact that I Googled adultery and found 2 website. Two websites that I can not find to this day that represented both sides of my dilemma.

The first web site was based on home-wreckers  that shared their kicks on how the cheating husband was lying to his wife, how exciting it was to run, hide and/or dodge the public as if they were some sort of movie stars. This website sickened me.

Yet, there was the other site. The other site that I was totally not prepared to read. The other site that showed the "other" side. The side I never knew existed.

The second website was based on the betrayed wife that forgave their husband. I knew that eventually I would have to forgive my hubs for what he did to our family, but I never knew I could actually do it and still remain married to him. I read the testimonies of these women and sympathized with their struggles even felt a little remorseful to think that if I stayed it meant I was a coward. I had no how much stronger I would become.

Not just stronger as a wife in my marriage or a stronger mother with my children but stronger as a Christian in my faith.

So based on recent events I am feeling compelled to make this blog a little more personal, a lot more personal giving it part of my personality =0P with a touch of real life flair ;-) because believe it or not my current dilemmas are quite fascinating =0)

Especially when it comes to parenting, I am learning as I go and finding I am laughing a lot......at myself.

Though it is scary at times because I am often doing it alone. Not only is my hubs a Firefighter/EMT working days at a time but he is now attending Paramedic School. SCREEEEECH!

More on all of this at a later time, for now....enjoy your day/night!

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