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Catch Up Already

Wow what a crazy 2 weeks this has been!! I remember at some point I was able to sit down and post about our horrendous heart aches over the deaths that have wounded our families, the sad thing is the angel of death was not yet done.

My Great Aunt passed away  =0( As bad as my heart aches she put up a miraculous fight for her life, but in the end went peacefully surrounded by her hubs and children.

My dad lost one of his best friends, yet again this was a miraculous woman who fought til the end. My dad was blessed to have been by her side to say his final good bye.

I pray that the angel of death has already gone home, although we have a close family friends who has only been given hours to live =0(

I am numb to mourning now and not sure if this is healthy or not but how else do you get through 5 deaths in less than 2 weeks? Last Tuesday was the first time I had ever attended 2 funerals in one day, I pray I never have to do that again.

My poor son who has a heart of gold and is extremely emotional, has cried more than I have, yet wasn't very close to any of them. However when those he loves hurts he hurts more which kills me inside knowing there is nothing I can do.

With all that going on I have neglected to inform everyone that my hubs started Paramedic school before all this hit. YAY!!!

I am so proud of him and all that he has accomplished. He has yet to let anything stop him from being where he wants to be, however he has let go of all his own expectations and has sought out God's expectations, accepting all that comes his way giving the Glory to God.

Vector image of two human figures with hands i...Image via WikipediaTogether we have come so far and now I look at our struggles as warm up, training us to what we are about to venture. I recently suggested to our connect group that our marriage has been through it all but we have yet to go through Paramedic school =-O This is a lot harder than we imagined and it doesn't help that are emotions are shot due to the recent events. Though I must brag......

My hubs has kept his priorities in perfect order; God first, Family second, then follows the rest....
I keep my self busy in order not to think about things that bother me. My aunt passing bothered me the most. My hubs knew that with out me even telling him and the whole weekend he tended to our children, his studies and kept the house in order while I cleaned out closets, toy boxes, painted bedrooms and rearranged furniture.

In the past I would hear about how ridiculous all this was but not this time. This time he kissed me on the forehead and asked "Do you feel better"? The thing is I do although I now have more pots in the fire than I anticipated but in due time they will get done ;-)

Enough of my ramblings, you have a great day =0)
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