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Rite Aid and Walgreen's??

Rite AidImage via WikipediaSo this year is the first year that I have worked on an educational schedule, meaning I work through the school year and have summers off along with those long and ridiculous scheduled Spring/Christmas breaks. Therefor my penny pinching technique have to be more creative than usual.

I have seriously worked hard on my reserve for the intention of living off of it tis school is back in August. Yet with our horrible debt situation that has been more frustrating than imagined, however I have accomplished getting a great deal o
f meat last week along with a stock pile of gas cards ;-)

After a lot of research I have decided that I am going to add Rite Aid and Walgreen's to my weekly shopping extravaganzas. Now I have tried Walgreen's before and was completely horrified by the confusing policy. Though I have never tried Rite Aid.

MIAMI - JANUARY 08:  A Walgreens store is seen...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeIf you are interested in jumping on board you can check out Rite Aid Policies and How To's here then click over to the Rite Aid sales to get your shopping list in order. If you have been on board for quite some time now I would greatly appreciate your input and guidance ;-)

I have also done a little more research for Walgreen's and listed their policies as well, even a compiled a list of sales. I am not sure how early I will be able to update these list but will try to make it an official day such as I do CVS on Wednesdays ;-)

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