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May 1st 2011

A May Afternoon Walk at Sheffield ParkImage by UGArdener via FlickrAhhh, the first day of the month starts on the first day of the week which, to me, means a fresh start. A fresh start to any situation that has been frustrating or not working as well as hoped. Here lately, for me, that is just about every situation on my plate ;-)

There are so many things that I need to work on, so many things that are causing me to scream at the top of my lings inside myself. I am trying so hard to make things work, but obviously I am going about them the wrong way.

Every thing on my plate consist of situations in my marriage, may parenting and my spiritual connection with God. Therefore my hubs and I have entered into a challenge with some of our friends, a 40 day prayer challenge rendering form a book I previously posted a review on.

My parenting, however, I feel is at a loss, therefore I will be praying hard about in with my hubs in hopes that some concerns will be addressed =0( I am also in search of a book to read in hopes of gaining more domestic wisdom with my children. Oh how I wish they came with an instruction manual ;-)

Spiritually I feel the closer I get to God the stronger the devil becomes, causing this to be my biggest battle. I am sure this is the stem to the frustrating situations above and in being so I am becoming more equipped due to the challenge my hubs and I are entering together =0) allowing me to handle the whole plate with greater knowledge.

In conclusion all that God has given me I confess, I have not quite handled with respect to abundance of his glory, yet I am now giving it all to him for I know that in his will his will will be the way!!

So today on the first day of the month falling on the first day of the week I begin the first day of this new start, the beginning of every challenge I am willing to face =0)

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