Recipe Nut

So the title of this post really just sums it up, because that is exactly what I am satrting to feel like. I have never been on to keep a recipe book or even box because well much like this blog; "I just wing it" 90% of the time =0)

However lately I find myself not only clipping the coupons out of the Sunday paper but clipping those interesting recipes as well as checking out suggested recipe sites. Such as this one
Recipe Nut

I am able to share my favorite recipes with friends, check out easy meals, search by main ingredient, special occasions and even search by course.

My favorite is the Easy meal option, from there I am able to search for kid friendly meals, budget friendly meals, 30 min meals and even meals with 5 INGREDIENTS OR LESS, YAY!!

Although I will have to day that the most intriguing part is I can print coupons for recipe ingredients through - Become a member to receive your own product coupons, recipes, cooking tips and more!
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