It's Easter Weekend

It is Easter weekend and all over FB there are tons of Youtube videos popping up about the resurrection of our dear savior. I though I would share a few of them with you;

Hallelujah Sunday is Coming!!!!!!!!!

Even with this videos our human minds are still unable to grasp the full concept of what Jesus Christ did for us. The suffering that he endured, not just physically but mentally, we can not even imagine what he must have been feeling at the time of betrayal. Where he was not only betrayed by his friends or disciples but he felt even betrayed by his father, the one that he professed faith to, the one that he spread the love of, the one in which his very existence was for. Yet, even in his suffering, trough out his agonizing pain, Jesus never lost sight of his father's love, for he said "Father forgive them for they know not what they do" 

His father is our father the forgiving father, the healing father, the father of eternity, the father that sacrificed his son, his only son, his only begotten son so that we may live in righteousness according to his law.

Do You Know Him??

His love that he has for us goes beyond any measures! 

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