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CVS 4/17-4/23

THREE DAY SALE (Sunday-Tuesday only)

$0.99 ECB wyb select Easter grass $.99 Limit 1 Free after ECB
$1.99 ECB wyb Paas Classic Easter egg decorating kit $1.99 Limit 1 Free after ECB

Just the Basics 24pk water $2.22 Limit 3 (no ECB...just a sale)


$0.99 ECB wyb CVS/pharmacy Green Bag Tag $.99 Limit 2 Free after ECB

$3 ECB wyb Coke 12oz cans 12pk 4/$13 Limit 1
~1.00/2 Coke 12-packs(BOOKLET)

$1 ECB wyb milk $3.19 Limit 2

$2 ECB wyb Lay's chips 10-10.5oz selected varieties (excludes Baked) 2/$6 Limit 1
~0.55/1 Lays Chips(3/13 SS)
~0.55/1 Lays Kettlecooked Chips**if included!**(3/13 SS)

$3 ECB wyb $10 any CoverGirl cosmetics (excludes clearance) Limit 1
Lip Perfection, NatureLuxe Gloss Balm, LashBlast mascaras or Clean Makeup $6
~2.00/1 Covergirl Lip Perfection Product(4/10 RP)
~1.00/1 Covergirl Product(4/3 PG)
~2.50/2 Covergirl Products(4/3 PG)
~1.00/1 Covergirl Product(3/13 RP)

$3 ECB wyb $10 any Maybelline cosmetics (excludes clearance) Limit 1
~1.00/1 Maybelline New York Eye Shadow or Eye Lines(4/10 RP)
~1.00/1 Maybelline New York Mascara(4/10 RP)
~2.00/1 Maybelline New York Dream Foundation(IP: HERE)
~2.00/1 Maybelline 24 Hour Lipcolor(IP: HERE)
~1.00/1 Maybelline New York Mascara(3/6 RP)
~1.50/1 Maybelline New York Eye Studio Product(IP: HERE)

$4 ECB wyb (2) Revlon, Nailene or Fing'rs artifical nails (excludes glue) Limit 1

$10 ECB wyb $30 any Roc skin care Limit 1

$10 ECB wyb $25 these Aveeno products Limit 1
ALL facial moisturizers $15
Postiviely Ageless or Smart Essentials save $2
Moisturizer lotion 12-18oz or cream 11oz $10
ALL sun care $9
Shampoo, conditioner 10.5oz, treatment 4-5.2oz, body wash 12-16oz, lotion 8oz, cleanser 6-6.7oz, scrub 5oz or pads 28ct $6.49
(I hope y'all have freebie coupons from their last rebate!! )
(coupons coming in Sunday paper)
~1.00/1 ANY Aveeno Product(3/27 SS)
~3.00/2 ANY Aveeno Prodcuts(3/27 SS)
~2.00/2 ANY Aveeno Products(IP: HERE)

$10 ECB wyb La Roche-Posay Effaclear Duo Acne Treatment or Anthelios (available at the pharmacy counter) Limit 1

$5 ECB wyb Olay Regenerist kits, treatments or ALL Definity facial care $24.99 Limit 1
(coupons coming in Sunday paper)
~3.00/1 Olay Regenerist Product(3/13 RP)
Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizer or cleanser no trial $3.00/1(4/17 RP)

$5 ECB wyb (2) iTunes gift cards Limit 1

$5 ECB wyb (2) Zynga FarmVille or PetVille gift cards Limit 1

$4 ECB wyb ThermaCare heat wraps 2/$13.98 Limit 1
~1.00/1 Thermacare, 2CT or more(3/27 RP)
~3.00/2 Thermacare, excluding trial(3/27 RP)
~3.00/1 Thermacare, 2CT or more(IP: HERE)

$3 ECB wyb GenTeal 25ml, Twin pk 20ml total, Zaditor 5ml, Clear Care or Aquify twin pk 24oz total $14.99 Limit 1(coupons coming in Sunday paper)

$2 ECB wyb CVS/pharmacy Omeprazole 14ct 2/$16 Limit 1

$1 ECB wyb Centrum or Caltrate, Centrum 100ct or Performance 60ct, or Caltrate 600+D 120ct Limit 1

$2 ECB wyb Slim-Fast shakes 6ct 2/$13 Limit 1
~1.50/1 Slim Fast Shakes*ready to drink multipacks*(IP: HERE)
(thanks Simply CVS Shopper)

$5 ECB wyb CVS/pharmacy protective undergarments Men's, Women's underwear, fitted briefs 14-30ct, guards 52ct or pads 30-72ct 2/$20Limit 1

$3 ECB wyb Prilosec OTC 28ct $18.99 Limit 2
~1.00/1 Prilosec OTC(4/3 PG)

$3 ECB wyb $10 these John Frieda products Limit 1
Collection shampoo, conditioner 8-10oz or styler 3-12oz $5
Collection select hair treatments, Go Blonder, Color Renew shampoo or conditioner 9.3oz $8
~1.00/1 John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo or Conditioner(3/6 SS)
~2.00/1 John Frieda Full Repair Styling Aid(3/6 SS)
~2.00/1 John Frieda Shampoo/Conditioner/Styler*please abide by the included lines mentioned on the coupon, there are other coupons for the other lines offered by JF!!*(3/6 SS)

$2 ECB wyb Head & Shoulders 14.2oz, ALL Pantene Expressions, Restoratives shampoo, conditioner, or treatments $4.99 Limit 1
~1.00/2 Pantene Products(4/3 PG)
Head & Shoulders Shampoo buy One Get One Head & Shoulder 13.5oz Conditioner FREE to $4.74(4/17 RP)

$2.30 ECB wyb Edge Infused shave gel 7oz $3.29 Limit 1
~0.55/1 Edge Shave Gel, excludes 2.75oz(3/20 SS)

$4 ECB wyb Schick Intuition or Quattro for Women razor 1ct or cartridges 3-4ct $8.99 Limit 1
~3.00/1 Schick Intuition Razor or Refill(FACEBOOK IP, no longer available)
~1.00/1 Schick Quattro for Women Product(April issue of All You Magazine)
~2.00/1 Schick Intuition Razor or Refill(3/20 SS)

$2 ECB wyb Ban roll-on deodorant 3.5oz $4.99 Limit 1
Ban Deo, any 0.40/1(4/17 SS)

$2 ECB wyb multi-pack Crest, Fixodent, Glide, or Oral-B (2&4pks only) Limit 2
~1.00/1 Crest 4.0oz or larger(4/3 PG)
~0.50/1 Crest 4.0zoz or larger(3/13 RP)
~0.50/1 Fixodent Adhesive(3/13 RP)
~2.00/2 Oral-b(manual brushes included in the sale qualify for the $2/2 note on this coupon) (4/3 PG)

$3 ECB wyb Huggies Snug & Dry or Little Movers diapers 56-96ct $19.99 Limit 1
(coupons coming in Sunday paper)
~2.00/1(3.50/1 if you share with more!) Huggies Diapers, 60 CT or higher(IP: HERE)
~1.50/1(3.00/1 if you share with more!) Huggies Diapers, any(IP: HERE)

$2 ECB wyb GE Energy Smart 40, 60, 75, or 100 watt equilavent 1pk $2.99 Limit 1

$5 ECB wyb $20 any Burt's Bees Limit 1
~2.00/1 Burt's Bees Naturals Body Lotion(IP: HERE)

$1 ECB wyb Osteo Bi-Flex 30-50ct $9.99 Limit 1
(coupon coming in Sunday paper)
~6.00/1(3/6 RP)
Osteo Bi-Flex caplets, softgels or powder no liquids $6.00/1(4/17 RP)

$3 ECB wyb Pantene Pro-V shampoo, conditioner 12.6oz or styler 5.7-11.5oz 3/$12 Limit 1
~1.00/2 Pantene Products(4/3 PG)

$2 ECB wyb Cottonelle or Cottenelle Ultra bathroom tissue 18pk $8.99 Limit 1
~0.50/1 Cottonelle Toilet Paper, 4CT or higher(IP: HERE)

$1 ECB wyb Maxwell House coffee 34.5oz $7.99 Limit 1
Maxwell House 0.55/1 (4/17 SS)

Oral Care $5/5 deal:
Check out Amit's post here:

Free Oral Care ( Colgate, Reach) at CVS 417-4/23

Listerine Total Care Mouthwash 1L+ or Reach Toothbrush or 1 Reach Floss or 1 Reach Access Flosser 1.00/1 (4/17 SS)
Listerine Total Care Mouthwash 1L+ and/or Reach Toothbrush and/or Reach Floss, or Reach Access Flosser 2.50/2 (4/17 SS)
Listerine Agent Cool Blue 500 ml or Reach Kids Toothbrush 1.00/1 (4/17 SS)
Listerine Pocketpaks 24ct+ or Listerine Pocketmist or Plax Rinse or Listerine Essential Care toothpaste 0.50/1 (4/17 SS)
Reach by design Toothbrush 1ct or 2 ct 1.00/1 (4/17 SS)

Resources CVS Deals on WeUseCoupons

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