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Coupon Network by Catalina

Have you ever checked out at your favorite grocery store, such as Kroger's, and received a catalina coupon that was so amazing you wished you had more? Well you can! How? You ask?

Coupon Network
Coupon Network offers savings and coupons that you will not find anywhere else. Click Here

Here is a little about how it works;
  • Printable Coupons, featured in blue, are grocery manufacturer coupons that you can print right away and use at any of your neighborhood stores. (these are the normal Catalina's that you usually receive) 
  • YourBucks® Offers, featured in green, are dollars-off rewards on future purchases. Register to view and print all the YourBucks® Offer details, so you can learn how to earn those extra savings. You will receive YourBucks® Offers after you purchase the promoted products at a store. YourBucks® Offers can then be used like cash on any items in the store on your future purchase.(these are the coupons that are incentives for buying MORE products)
The process is much the same as any other coupon site that offers printables, but these are just any coupons, these are;

  • Printable Coupons (featured in blue) are coupon savings from some of your favorite grocery manufacturer brands. 
    Look for the coupons that you want, check the Select to print button, and watch your savings grow in the Coupon Cart.The Coupon Cart keeps track of the offers you’ve selected. Remember, Printable Coupons are in the blue section, and YourBucks® Offers are in green. When you are ready, click on the Print Couponsbutton to print out all the coupons and use them at any store.
  • YourBucks® The unique YourBucks® Offers are dollars-off rewards you can use like cash at your favorite store! Find out how to earn those extra savings by printing out the YourBucks® Offer details from CouponNetwork.com.
    Register your shopping profile (specifying the stores in which you shop at, even your favorite store) so they can customize the YourBucks® Offers specific to your favorite stores. Once you’ve registered or signed in, simply click on the Select to print button on all the YourBucks® Offers you are interested in and click on the Print Coupons button to print them, so you know what to look for in the store. Follow the instructions printed on the YourBucks® Offer details to find out how to get YourBucks® Offers and earn your dollars-off.
These coupons have long expiration dates and offer some of the highest values. Check it out and let me know what you think ;-)

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