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Bible in 90 Days; Day 90

Well I haven't done as well as I wanted with my catch up reading for the last few days. Seems the devil is trying to get his hands on my family and I have spent most of my time fighting him off! Yet I must say that I am quite proud considering that I only have 2 books left =0).

I skipped over Psalms because I thought if I didn't make it I could slowly go through that book at my own pace and actually study it. I have ALWAYS wanted to study the book of Psalms (and Proverbs) pray fully, soon, I will get to do that ;-) Though I didn't make it through Revelations either, therefore that will be another book I will study but it scares me =0(

However when clicking on the link to Mom's Tool Box I learned that she will be considering those that through the Bible within 100 days, 90 day graduates. YAY!!! Being that I have done so well these past few days I will make graduation by sliding in on day......91....or 92?? Our last tweet chat is Monday night and I am praying that I will be celebrating my finish!

Thank you all for your love, support and prayers!!

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