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Couples Who Pray

Couples Who Pray Together The Most Intimate Act  Between a Man and a Woman

This book, I will have to admit that it was not want I had hope for nor what I though it was. However it is more that I could have imagined =0). I was under the impression that this book was going to be something like a devotional and it wasn't =0(
This book is only the introduction for the most intimate act between a man and a woman ;-) No it is not of sexual content or hidden pornography, it is the description of what intimacy is all about: thestateofbeingintimate; acloseassociationwithordetailedknowledgeordeep understandingofaclose,

Coupon Network by Catalina

Have you ever checked out at your favorite grocery store, such as Kroger's, and received a catalina coupon that was so amazing you wished you had more? Well you can! How? You ask?
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Here is a little about how it works; Printable Coupons, featured in blue, are grocery manufacturer coupons that you can print right away and use at any of your neighborhood stores. (these are the normal Catalina's that you usually receive) YourBucks® Offers, featured in green, are dollars-off rewards on future purchases. Register to view and print all the YourBucks® Offer details, so you can learn how to earn those extra savings. You will receive YourBucks® Offers after you purchase the promoted products at a store. YourBucks® Offers can then be used like cash on any items in the store on your future purchase.(these are the coupons that are incentives for buying MORE products) The process is much the same as an…

Walgreens 4/24-4/30

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$2.99 RR wyb Stayfree Maxi Pads 14, 16 or 24 pack $2.99FREE AFTER RR

$2.99 RR wyb Nexcare Bandages $2.99Free After Rebate
Waterproof 20 pk, Active or Soft n Flex 30 pk

$2 RR wyb Stouffer's Easy Express, 25 oz. 2/$8

$5 RR wyb Prilosec OTC Acid Reducer 42 ct. $24.99

$5 RR wyb $15 Hawaiian Tropic or Banana Boat or $8 RR wyb $20 Hawaiian Tropic or Banana Boat $8.99

$1 RR wyb Aussie, H&S, Herbal Essence or Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner $5.99

$4 RR wyb Luster White 7 Toothpaste $4.99

$1 RR wyb Oral Care
Fixodent Tablets or Cream $3.99
Scope MW $3.99

$2 RR wyb Prevacid 28 ct $19.99

CVS ECB Deals 4/24-4/30


Blink gel tears $7.99 with 7.99 extra bucks Limit 1 Free after ECB
Blink Tears or Blink GelTears Lubricating Eye Drops $1 (5/9/11) SS 4/3/2011

$1 ECB wyb Zephyrhills or Deer Park natural spring water 16.9oz bottles 24pk $3.88 Limit 1

$3 ECB wyb Post Honey Bunches, Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles cereal 11-17oz 3/$9 Limit 1

$2 ECB wyb Maxwell House instant coffee $5.99 Limit 1

$3 ECB wyb $10 Glade products Limit 1
Scented Oil PlugIns refills 2pk 1.42oz total $4
Sense & Spray refill .43oz, Relaxing Moments spray 9.7oz, scented oil refill 1-3ct, holder, Essential oils candles 4oz or soy candle 2oz 2/$6

$5 ECB wyb Dinner & A Movie $50 gift card Limit 1

$2 ECB wyb Green Dot prepaid MasterCard or Visa Limit 1

$5 ECB wyb $15 L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle makeup, Perfecting base primer, Visible Lift Serum Absolute, podwer, makeup, True Match Roller Compact or Naturale makeup $11.99 Limit 1

$5 ECG wyb Women's, Men's fragrances or gift sets S by Shakira, BEyonce, Faith Hill, McGraw, Ce…

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