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Swag Bucks

Okay so I have been a member of Swag Buck for about 2 years now and I know that I have written a post about them before but I don't think the benefits really got across to any of my readers. That is, probably, primarily my fault due to the fact that I have not updated any of you on my increasing points nor have I participated in any of their valuable ways to earn, other than the tool bar search. Which has aloud me to gain over 2 thousand points.

I have been personally saving my points for an IPod Touch in which I want so bad that I can taste, yet it was brought to my attention that I could have been using my points to cash in for Amazon Gift Cards that would have led my AMAZING purchase of diapers and wipes to be FREE!! DUH why did I not keep up with that? Therefore recently I cashed in for several Amazon Gift Cards and am waiting for their arrival before I purchase anymore diapers and wipes.....so my coupons are starting to stack up as well YAY!!!

Now let me tell you how you can sign up and start collecting points in order to cash in on GREAT products. It's easy I PROMISE, we all search the web every day so why not get "paid" for doing it, right? Just click on the banner below and sign up, the best option is to download the tool bar in which will remind you to search with Swag Buck on a regular basis. For all you Google fans have no fear because you can earn points by searching for Google ;-)
Search & Win
If you are in to surveys and games they also have options to earn through them as well, though I don't have much time for that =0( I have however been tempted to sit down and start because there are an abundance of points to rack up on. Also do you shop on line??? Shop through links on Swag Bucks and earn even more!! You can even PRINT COUPONS, watch TV and enter sweepstakes ;-)

NOTE: Please use the links above to sign up for swag bucks, I do get referral points ans would appreciate the credit....where credit is due, Thanx =0)

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