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New Official Walmart Coupon Policy

I have followed Keeping the Kingdom First for a while now but have never been able to be on the same page with Walmart, except for the freebies of course ;-) Yet today she has posted an AMAZING announcement, for those of you that just LOVE your Walmart ;-)

Seems that Walmart has changed their coupon policies......that is good news for those of us that gave up on Walmart. Yes I know I sound a little harsh but I really had a bad experience with couponing at Walmart, bad enough I don't shop there anymore, at least not at our local store. I didn't give up on them completely because the do have some incredible deals on certain items. Therefore if I need anything from there I drive right past the store that is located around the corner from where I live and stop at the very next town ;-) Where the employees are polite, the floors are clean and there is more than one register open.

However after reading this post New Official Walmart Coupon Policy — Kingdom First Mom I may in fact give Walmart another shot as far as coupons go and now that I am armed with a copy of this new policy I may be brave enough to stop at our local store ;-) Check it out and see what you think!

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