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My First Coupon Class

Well it has been over a week now since my first coupon class and I must say that it has been exciting ALL week. Being that every time I turn around some one is sharing with me how much they are saving. It makes me so happy that I am able to help out some one so much just by sharing my "secrets". I also get tickled when I hear some one asks ME for advise =0)
I am nervous, wondering if I shared enough or too much at once? Yet praying that I didn't confuse any one more than they already were or discouraged someone from not couponing at all.....I share all that I know and hope that was enough =0) Couponing is not rocket science....once you get the hang of it!
A friend asked me if I was making decent money from it, I responded that it was more about the ministry but I didn't realize that it was ALL about the ministry until it was over. God showed his control ;-) I tied in a little bit of my testimony with it only because my testimony is the reason I started couponing in the first place, so it needed to be shared =0)
I have been extremely busy these past 2 months with illnesses, snow days and other commotion that I have been slacking on my blog updates. Therefore tomorrow I will attempt to post my last week round up, because it was an AWESOME round up, especially my diaper stash ;-) Also nest week I will restart my Bi-Weekly menu planning. I would LOVE to start sharing with you my debt management being that it is dwindling =0)
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