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Extreme Couponing on TLC

First I must inform you that this post may be more graphic than a few can handle, may include more negative remarks than I like to post in one setting and may even offend some one/people who read it. Second let me start off with the fact that I don't have cable, therefore I have only been able to view this particular show only once and only once is more than enough for me.

Don't get me wrong I love extreme couponing and I can be extreme but these people are OVER BOARD! This is the reason that some stores are now putting restrictions on how many sale items you can buy at a time, the reason that some stores are now putting restrictions on how many coupons you can have in one transaction, the very reason non-couponers are becoming frustrated with stores because the have empty shelves and the reason rain checks are becoming limited.

Now if you know which episode that I am talking about you can relate to what I am saying, if not let me sum it up for you.

Person #1's stock pile was so EXTREME she was running out of rooms in her home. REALLY? Come on if your stock pile is that ridiculous stop reading this post right now and GO CLEAR IT OUT! There are way too many  non-profit agencies in this country suffering and barely making ends meet, for you to be storing things they may need. Not to mention the number of starving families, the number of missionaries struggling to purchase toiletries for their missions and let's not forget to count the number of deprived foster homes. UGH! Yes she saved thousands but what she did not tally in her total is the amount of money she spent on ?buying? her coupons, that adds up too. Maybe not that much but it adds not subtracts ;-)

When I saw that I was ready to turn it off, until I saw the next guest. I may have them out of order so excuse me if I don't remember them correctly =0)

This guys was still EXTREME in his purchases and failed to mention the amount of his purchased coupons. Yet he was not adding on to his house to expand his stock pile and he DONATED!! YAY, I love the amount of the donation just as much as I love the amount of savings ;-) However here is where stores are making restrictions! If you have to take a Uhaul to the grocery store........UGH!

The final quest I was mostly proud of. She didn't have to list the amount of her purchased coupons because she did not purchase them, in fact she didn't even buy them, she dove for them. Yep dove as in dumpster diving, which is fun I might add, like a treasure hunt ;-) Oh stop being grossed out is was a recycle dumpster with only paper in it =0) Now her stockpile was still a little extreme and she did not highlight that she donated any of it =0( though she did rotate her stock pile often and put limits on her purchases. Good girl ;-)

I felt a little better after seeing her story but was disappointed in the lack of donation =0(

Now let me hop back up on my soap box for just a moment. Stockpiling is an awesome thing but DON'T ABUSE IT! Like I stated before there are to many non-profits, starving families and struggling homes for you to hoard more than you need. Coupon with CAUTION, it can become addicting but don't let it consume you! If you cancel an event with your family in order to grocery shop with you overwhelming amount of coupons, STOP AND GET HELP!! Lay the coupons down, back away from the computer and go outside. Love your family, the grocery store will still be here tomorrow....your family might not ;-) Oh and I am not knocking sites that sell coupons but.....REALLY? Printing is one thing but purchasing them =0{

Thanx for letting me get that off my chest ;-)

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