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Date Night

As much as I preach about date night being so important in a marriage you would think my hubs and I date often, but the truth is we hardly get out of the house with out our children. Yet last night I surprised my hubs with tickets to Joel Olsteen, he was in town ;-) Now this guy cracks me up with his enormous smile and tiny little squintey eyes, I could go on and on with a whole Saturday Night Live episode yet I am letting it be known that this man...IS...one of my Greatest Heroes!

I say this because had you met my hubs before and during the first 9 years of our marriage, you could see the difference that I am amazed by. At Christmas time during the year of darkness in our marriage my hubs showed interest in one of Joel Olsteen's book at the grocery store. When he picked it up I chuckled and continued walking, however 10 mins later I returned to the spot I left him as he was still reading this book. The next day I returned to the store and bought it for him as a Christmas present and that was all I bought him that year. He read it in a week and within that week of reading his book from cover to cover, my hubs became a totally different man. Now at that time is was normal for my hubs to change long enough to make me happy so I was reluctant on accepting this "New Hubs" therefor I ignored the change.

Six months later, not only had the change remained but right before my very eyes my hubs was transforming into a man of God. His attitude on life was profound, his tone was amazing, his out look in life was mesmerizing and his love/affection became addictive. I was falling in love with him all over again and became astonished by the fact that this little book written by "Smiley Ganzalious" had showed him everything I had been nagging him about for over 7 years. Therefore the second I hear he was in town I vowed no matter what the cost I was taking my hubs. However I did not anticipate how much I would get out of the message.

You see in our "year of darkness" all I had were 2-1/2 friends and the internet, those weren't always good things yet they weren't always bad either, being that I found women that I never knew existed on the internet. Some I wished I had never met others I wish I could meet again still, to this day, I thank God for their role in my life at that time. Therefore right before Christmas of last year the Lord pointed out to me a tool that he had given me to use for His Glory, that I had initially created to brag/share my savings, though I was not using it consistently. Yes you guessed it, the tool He had given me was this blog.

I realized that in my longing to meet the women, from the internet, that shared their strength with me, that encouraged me and had given me confidence, I would in turn be one of them; encouraging the woman reading this blog  who feels like her marriage has fallen apart. However, being that in HIStory my blogging experience has not been "that glorious", I was reluctant to share with everyone all because of critics. Critics have kept me from sharing this blog with some of the most wonderful people I have ever met, in fear of what they may think. As time went on, past Christmas and into the New Year, I became braver yet not brave enough to allow one specific critic to see, along with this specific critic's network.

Last night the Lord used Mr. Olsteen to preach what He has been shouting out me for a while now, preaching all that I have been turning away from. Olsteen used the description of an eagle to obtain his point. Did you know that an eagle can fly to altitudes that no other bird can fly? Me either, lol.

When stay focused on the Glory of God and what he has called us to do, we can soar like Eagle flying high above the clouds, yet other birds will still attempt to pester us. Chickens will peck at us, others will cluck at us and the black crows will continue to nip at our tail feathers......as long as we allow them to. Being that we are like Eagles we can choose to fly above them all, preventing the ability hear the pecking, the clucking and feel the nipping. Joel Olsteen said "the difficult people in you life can NOT keep you from your destiny". At this point I looked up and assured the Lord that I "got it". The crow he was referring to is my "specific critic" and "their network". WOW, the event that I was so excited for my hubs to attend was the event that with held a message I was suppose to hear. Don't get me wrong I know we were both meant to be there, but  the battles that I had been fighting, deep within myself, even on that very night, were meant to be left there and I did just that, I released. I let them go!! Though I still fear what will happen, I am no longer scared of the out come because God has given me the ability to reach an altitude that no CROW can!

Now that I know "not every battle that crosses my path is a battle I was meant to fight" and that "what people say about me does not define who I am", I will "stay focused on what God has called me to do" because when I do, "all the forces of darkness can not keep me from where God wants me to go" and when I "get kicked in the rear" I will know it is because I am "in front!!

1 Samuel 10:2
But certain worthless fellows said, How shall this man save us? 
And they despised him, and brought him no present. 
But he held his peace

I will hold my peace!!

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