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Thankful Thursday; My Man

When I was a little girl I was not like most, I did not dream of the day that I would marry nor how many children I would bare. I dreamed of my brothers children and how I, as their aunt, would spoil them. How my house would be the go to house to hide from all the chaos that they would endure. Oddly enough that all changed the moment my husband asked for my hand in marriage. Yes I said the moment he asked and not the moment I met him.My hubby and I had an ironic dating situation and we never really saw marriage as matrimony. It was more like an excuse to seal the deal of our relationship??

 Now it has been more than a decade and together we have triumphed many battles, more good than bad yet more battles than I had anticipated. None the less I can not imagine fighting those battles with any one else.

I love him he is my best friend, my husband, the DADDY of my children and the hero of our hearts. I am thankful for him but him being my man I am most Thankful for ;-)


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