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Thankful Thursday; Freedom of Faith

My Grandmother is the most Godly woman I know and growing up from as far back as I can remember she did her best to instill Christian values in my brother and I. As I got older I became aware of countries that banded the Christian teachings, though I never understood it completely (and still don't), I can not imagine not having the choice to believe in what contented my heart. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

My Grandmother did an awesome job in teaching us who Jesus was but she didn't have to.....she chose to.

My Faith is what I am thankful for but being able to carry my faith freely is what I am more Thankful for and the choice that my grandmother made is what I am most Thankful for ;-)

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Nana Jul said...

Passing down Faith in Jesus...through the generations is what we are called to do. To Proclaim what Jesus has done for us!
What a Great grandma!!
Happy TT