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Thankful Thursday

Well this is my first post for Thankful Thursday and I am so Thankful to be apart of this meme. Seems that the hosts rotate between Lynn at Spiritually Unequal Marriage, Laurie at Women Taking a Stand and Iris at Grace Alone. This month Thankful Thursday is hosted by, Lynn at Spiritually Unequal Marriage  which is a wonderful blog to check out, she also has other projects that I will become apart of but for now...on to Thankful Thursday ;o)

This week I am thankful for complaining which is, to me, is all the unspoken blessings everyone of us have. I mean really think about it we complain about cleaning house...there are thousands of homeless people, we complain about our jobs....there are millions that are unemployed (not by choice), we complain about distasteful food...there are hundreds of starving children throughout the world,and I could keep going........................

Several months ago I posted on my personal Facebook profile that I was tired of spending important days without my hubby, I think it was Thanksgiving. All of the Firefighter wives chimed in with me too, ditto and I hear ya, then a sweet friend had put she understands. At that point I felt the smack of a 2x4 and tears came pouring out, being that a few years back that very sweet friend lost her husband, who is now dancing with Jesus. She was right she knew exactly how I felt but I felt I was taking those feelings for granted, though I was missing my husband I was able to see him the next day, I was able to talk to him that night and he is still with me here on Earth. I should be Thankful for that!!

I was reminded of this yesterday when one of my preschool parents posted an apology for all of her complaining post that filled up her page the past few days. Our children have been out of school this whole week due to snow, and she was just posting her frustrations, I thought nothing of it. Until her apology stated that a dear friend to her lost her 5year old and the she knew her friend would give both of her legs to have a million snow days with her deceased child. I knew the feel of that 2x4 and although a mutual friend had commented with a word of encouragement, that was so true, we all feel guilty when our unspoken blessing are highlighted for us.

Now I am not preaching that we all don't need to be frustrated once in a while I am just saying the next you are irritated for picking up the same shoe out of the doorway for the hundredth time, look up and thank him not only for that doorway but that shoe, when you want to blow a gasket over a job time line thank God for your job and even when life itself gets crazy just take a look around, I am sure your will now see it all in a different light.

I am thankful for complaining ;o) and the ability to do it =0)


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