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More Debt Wisdom

Throughout the trials of our debt free journey I have been able to live savvy enough that I can depend on my income alone to feed my family of 5. With my part time job I am able to provide child care to my younger two boys, fill my vehicle with gas and grocery shop for two weeks (I get paid every two weeks) on only $100 per pay check. Just by living with this simple budget;

  • Groceries $40 ($80 monthly)
  • Gas $60 ($120 monthly)
That is slashing our original stand point another $420! Yes it is $420 because we now use my husbands pay check from his full time job to pay our necessity bills and our part time pay check to pay our individual gas taking gas out of the main budget all together. Together we are still snow~balling our credit card debt and have added debt jars as "bean" counters ;-)

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