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I Saw Jesus

Just this past week my husband and I had the opportunity to share our testimony with some friends that have recently been struggling with their own issues inside their marriage. "Haley" and I have become great friends and have learned a lot from each other over the past several months, creating a wonderful friendship. That is why it was an honor for me to be able to express the depths of all the struggles my husband and I have encountered together in order to encourage her to be confident is all her decisions she was about to make. Though she had heard parts of the story before, she had never heard it through the words of my husband..............and neither had I.

They had asked us to come down in hopes it would inspire them to begin again, despite the fact that the divorce papers were sitting in the bedroom. Being that his was our first time to talk it out....from the very beginning....in front of an audience (even though it was an audience of 2)....I was quite nervous. So nervous that I began to talk it out to myself before we got to their house....by myself...with out discussing it with my husband =0)

The two of us sat down on the couch across from them and I began with "We are here to only share our story, not dictate any finger pointing" and before I could finish my husband began. Much to my surprise he began with "If it is out there I have done it" and then continued to admit everything he had ever done to our marriage. I was astonished, not to the fact of the miracle of him admitting to it all, but astonished to the fact that for the first time in the life of our entire relationship, I sat next to....this man...the love of my life....my husband....my best friend, looked into his eyes and saw the eyes of Jesus looking back at me. My husband gave it all the glory of God, so much so that I felt compelled to lift him up, up to where he belongs to where is was meant to be as the spiritual leader of our family. 

I did have the opportunity to speak, though I said nothing I had practiced ;-) because I couldn't take my eyes off my husband. I was in love all over again, in love with this beautiful amazing man, the man that God created for me. For me to share ups, downs and all around with, to raise a family and create a legacy with. I have dreamed many dreams of the day in which we could share our story with someone, but never did I imagined how blessed WE would be after the fact. My husband even said he was wowed, we agreed on how great it felt to stand tall together.

That night was not only did our friends embark on a new journey together in their marriage, but the four of us established a life long friendship that we will always treasure. They have even chosen to frame the divorce papers, showing not only how close they came but how far they have come. 

Now I am not portraying that our story is a miraculous story (though it is to us) I am just sharing another mile stone in our journey of a surviving marriage!!

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