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Debt Wisdom; Our Second Step

This was the depressing part writing down our official income. When I say official I mean with out depending on overtime or any extra income. This was another kick in the butt for us, due to the fact that I am self employed and my income was not consistent at this time because of the financial state our economy was in. Needless to say our creditors were wearing out Alexander Bell's invention as they do when you don't pay what you owe them. So I evaluated my income on what I call my "bread and butter", my pre-booked clients and my husband evaluated his on straight time alone.....
  • My husband's income-$2200 monthly
  • My income-$800 monthly
This showed us in the hole over $1167 every month. No wonder we were struggling, especially being most of the monthly expenses was gas and groceries. 

Lets get started on how to knock this negative balance out with our third step.

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