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Debt Wisdom; Our First Step

Our first step was putting it all on paper; for some reason it is easier to grasp when it is in black and white, not to mention you can actually feel the kick in the butt. Our monthly bill list was no picnic being that we had to count gas, groceries and unnecessary expenses as a monthly bill. These were something that we just never thought of as a "bill" yet gas ans groceries are necessary expenses and we were shocked at how much we were actually spending.

  • Mortgage-$1275 
  • Life Insurance-$35 
  • Personal Loan-$346 
  • Cell Phone #1-$75 
  • Cell phone #2-$76 
  • Auto Loan-$373 
  • Electric-$85 
  • Utilities-$104 
  • Phone/internet-$67 
  • Auto Insurance-$140
  •  Credit Card #1-$100 
  • Credit Card #2-$100 
  • Credit Card #3-$100 
  • Gas-$500 
  • Groceries-$800 
The GRAND TOTAL was our kick in the butt-$4176..........That is way more than we make, therefore we were never really loosing any money, we never had it to begin with. Which leads me to our second step

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