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Debt Jar

The best way for me to save money is to pretend I don't have it ;-) Years ago a friend and I were saving for a trip to Vegas. We knew that this would be an expensive trip and being that this was our first trip to "sin city" we did not want money to stop us from doing everything we wanted to do. Therefore we purchased these money jars from a local store in the mall. These jars were great in being that since there is no hole in the bottom, the only way to retrieve your savings is to is to break the jar. This was awesome because we were not able to touch a dime of our savings stash for any mischievous expenses before out trip. We even had a jar breaking party ;-)
Of course those were the days in which I had money to "break", now days I make my own savings jar simply and cost efficiently by taking a clean glass jar, such as an empty jar of salsa, spray painting it a solid color, 2 coats if I have to (so I can't see inside of it), super gluing the top shut and making an opening to insert money.

**POOF** a Money Saving Jar
Hopefully when it is time to break it, it will look something like this;
 *NOTE* When breaking your savings jar, place into a grocery sack to protect yourself from flying glass and use EXTREME caution!

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