Bible in 90 Days...Again

Ok so if you are not new around here you know that I have attempted a few times to read the Bible in 90 days, you also know that I have yet to succeed. Well I have you know that I am joining the challenge again and am COMPELLED to succeed this go around. Third time is the charm right ;-) Once again I have signed up with Amy Gross at Moms Tool Box and have made a vow of commitment to her so I am more than ever challenging YOU to help me by holding me accountable. I would LOVE for you to join me, if you are also feeling compelled ;-) Although I completely under stand being that I am not consistent my self, yet I know accountability is the key to success and together we can not fall.

Here is the official reading plan I plan to make this in to a book mark being that I am not reading the official Bible in 90 Days Bible, I LOVE my Bible and want to make sure that I keep all my notes in one place, I even purchased me a new Bible carrier!


Now weekly I am devoted to checking at Moms Tool Box in order to be accountable for myself. I can do this anytime during the week, yet the Twtitter parties are on Monday nights at 8pm using the #B90days hashtag. I must say for my first party I was quite dizzy ;-) I beleive that we will all be using Twitter quite a bit therefore I must become more educated on the subject =0)

Wish me luck but most of all join me!

To find out more about the Bible in 90 Days ministry check this out

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