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God is Good God is Great!

For the past several months God has not only been shining a light upon our blessings, he has been shining a *BRIGHT* light upon them. I have had the most frustrating week that I am not sure how I made it through with my full head of hair.....I do know how I made it through and that is what I am trying to share with you, my some of my bright lights this week.

It all began about mid week after I started the kids on their new schedule, my baby boy started to get pretty ill. I dreaded to take him to the doctor knowing is was another ear infection, which means I was going to have to come to the conclusion that weather I liked it or not one of my children was going to have tubes in their ears. Now I am not down playing tubes what so ever, I have deep personal issues about this subject that are hard to explain, so I try not to discuss it. Yet everyone that I came into contact with the day before his appointment either had tubes or one/all of their children that had tubes and raved about how wonderful they were. That night I knew that God lead them to me because sure enough it was another ear infection. Though we did not have the dreaded conversation being that it had been 2 months since his last one. WHEW!

That following Saturday was his 1st birthday party and we were all pretty amped about it, yet when the day drew my baby boy was not in a celebrating mood nor was the atmosphere in our house. My cake was disastrous and no one showed up!! Now, normally that would have utterly upset me but in this case it was a blessing! Besides we had all celebrated on the day of his birth already, this day was to celebrate with those who we thought would have wanted to be included in such a glorious celebration...now we know different ;-) I must add some excuses were legit yet some were just...lets say, not surprising! Anyhow God showed us why this party did not go as planned, our baby's immune system was not strong enough to handle a mass chaos of germs that he would have been introduced to.

As my hubby began to get ready for work that night I struggled with the thought of going to bible study and leaving our sick child. My hubby going to work on a Saturday night was breaking a vow he had made when we began this bible study, therefore the issue of our baby being sick only added to the discussion. I questioned my ability of being a good mother and he admitted he felt as if him going to work was a major crime rather than a simple mistake. He went to work and knowing that my children were in wonderful hands, I went to bible study. While I was there I was so glad that this was the choice I made, I had never seen such a strong present of God before in my entire life!! He was there as we prayed over people, I had never done that before, and it brought out so many blessings with so much understanding. It was as if the devil no longer existed, even so he was getting a beat down. Scriptures were being read, prayer request were being signed, prayers were being answered and praises were being made though it was in the midst of some discusting discoveries, it was there God was there God was showing us that in the midst of our battles HE shines best ;-)

As I sat on the couch and thought of my week and the conversations that I had, I realized that this was a part of my journey were God was holing my hand, as if we were window shopping and he was saying look at that, look at this and the whole time I am saying oooh, ahhhh, WOW, God is GOOD, God is GREAT!!

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