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Get You Some "Me Time"!!

Last week I became so frustrated with everything in my life and all that was around me; my children, my job, my hubby, my church, and most of all myself. For no apparent reason absolutely EVERYTHING was annoying me and eventually my frustration began to turn into aggression. My hubby, bless his heart, turned into the easy victim for my daily outrage...lucky him he was at work all week therefore was able to lay the phone down when his ears started to burn ;-) Being that I try to never allow myself to act too "stupid" in front of my children I would call him often =0P

Then conviction fell upon me, I had been struggling with envy toward the many women around me that valued their "Me Time". Mind you my "Me Time" consisted of going to the bathroom without an audience, taking a shower by myself or sleeping on the couch rather than a crowded bed. Their "Me Time" involved studying scripture with daily devotions and prayer for personal convictions. Now I learned during a recent woman's retreat how not to use comments like; "must be nice", "wish I had that" or "girl if you only knew" by quickly pondering on those things that I was most thankful for. Yet every time I would cast that sarcastic smile I could feel the temperature of frustration rising inside of me.

One night my hubby came home just about the time I realized enough was enough and I was at my wits end. He walked through the door I said bye rather than hello and left. Of course I shredded a few tears, only because for a split moment I understood why women abandoned their families......I didn't like that!! It scared me and caused me to become more frustrated with myself therefore I stopped the car, got out and walked, to no apparent destination just walked along side Jesus trying to figure out what was going on. What was the lesson he was trying to teach me?

Oddly enough the answer came to me through our bible study, I wasn't be "recharged", I was giving and giving until I was empty, instead of filling up I would give past dry and give off fumes resulting into the pressure of explosion I was feeling. I understood what all those women were getting out of their "Me Time". This is what I had been missing, this is what the Lord wants me to have, this is what I NEED! I returned home new and refreshed.

The next night I moved my children's bed time up to....7PM, Yep that is right 7PM, it use to be in bed at 8 with a movie, TV off at 9 but now not only is there no TV in their bedroom, lights are out at 7PM no if, ands, or buts about it!! My 10yr was full of anger and heart break so much so he questioned my parenting. I become honest with him and told him that I felt like my children were starting to drive me crazy and a mother shouldn't feel like that, therefore, I was going to start having me time and in order to have me time everyone must go to bed early. Not understanding what I was getting at he cried himself to sleep =0(

The next day my middle man did not have a nap so I kept him up all day till 7 he was out by 730 and that next morning my big guy was ready for school an hour before it was time to leave. He was so excited that he was acting "grown", he wanted to make his own breakfast, I just stood there in the middle of the kitchen, still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, wowed with amazement by this child who was just a ray of sunshine at 6am...he has never rolled out of bed before 6:30!! I asked him if he now enjoyed going to bed at 7PM and he said yes, yes he wanted to keep this new bed time =0)

The change in me has also been fascinating, I am a avid coffee drinker and was probably drinking a little too much; a pot in the morning and a few cups at night. Since the new bed time and official "Me Time" one cup a day is all I want...WOW! I am so amazed with the effects of "Me Time" I am advising all the women of the world especially married with children Get You Some "Me Time"!!

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