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My Black Friday (Part 2)

I decided since I had such an extravagant list of transactions from CVS I would apply my Wags list in a separate post.

My Black Friday

On Black Friday every year I would rather hibernate than fight through a crowded store over an impulse purchase that would eventually end up in the trash or the yard sale pile. Don't get me wrong I LOVE to spoil my kids when it comes to presents but I choose not to overwhelm them so much that it dilutes the meaning of Christmas. Yet this year I did venture out and make a few Black Friday purchases.

My Crocery List

God is Good God is Great!

For the past several months God has not only been shining a light upon our blessings, he has been shining a *BRIGHT* light upon them. I have had the most frustrating week that I am not sure how I made it through with my full head of hair.....I do know how I made it through and that is what I am trying to share with you, my some of my bright lights this week.

Get You Some "Me Time"!!

Last week I became so frustrated with everything in my life and all that was around me; my children, my job, my hubby, my church, and most of all myself. For no apparent reason absolutely EVERYTHING was annoying me and eventually my frustration began to turn into aggression. My hubby, bless his heart, turned into the easy victim for my daily outrage...lucky him he was at work all week therefore was able to lay the phone down when his ears started to burn ;-) Being that I try to never allow myself to act too "stupid" in front of my children I would call him often =0P

I am Compelled

At the end of October our church started a series titled Compelled and this series has grabbed my heart strings tighter than any other series that they have held so far. I have always felt inspired by missionaries and envied mission trips but never have I felt compelled to travel, until now.