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Where Were You on that September Day??

My husband and I were married in 1998 at a very young age with the understanding that kids were NOT in our near future. My hubby, bless his heart, claimed he wanted kids right away, so we kept his nieces for an entire week and he changed his mind, lol. At that point we cherished our freedom. Yet shortly after the Columbine shooting we made a vow that we would never have kids due to the fact we did not want to live in fear every day that our child went to school. Obviously the Lord had a different plan being that I gave birth to our first son in the later part of 2000.

That year my hubby had issues, with how he would support his family and how he would be seen through his son's eyes. He had been a mechanic for as long as I had known him but decided, if he didn't want his son pushing wrenches then he wasn't going to push them either. I had closed by business the weekend our son was born and due to my recovery process I had no plans in reopening right away. Yet I was willing to do what was needed to be done in order to make ends meet, therefore I was working third shift at a local factory while my hubby hung on to a position at another factory taking advantage of all educational options.

This leads me to that September day, that day that the world stood still. My parents kept our son for us while I worked at night, my hubby worked second shift, and he could also sleep through a tornado so I was afraid he would not wake up with the baby. I had just gotten off work and I remember distinctly; I was still nursing at that time, I was sitting in the recliner feeding my son when I started flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch when I came across our local news channel, they were broadcasting that a plane had just crashed into the world trade center. My mom and I started to discuss the possibility of radar malfunction or that a pilot may have fainted or had a heart attack or something of that nature.

Then the next pane hit. At that time my heart stopped. I remember looking down at my son and him looking back at me, the vow my husband and I had made kept repeating in my head, I couldn't believe what we had done. I could do anything; I packed up my son and headed home. The whole way home I kept looking back at him crying I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I am so sorry, I am sorry that I brought you into a world that not only will we be in fear when you go to school but we will not be able to rest when you go to work as well. I could no longer imagine a prosperous future for him in this horrible world. When I arrived home my hubby was still asleep I woke him up in rage screaming "how could you sleep at a time like this, People are dying by the hundreds in New York.

He hopped up in confusion and turned on the TV, shortly after that the other planes had crashed. Together we watched the centers collapse together we gasped. We became mortified for the entire day, calling out of work and bunkering down into one room wondering what was going to happen next as we stayed glued to the TV. It was one of those moments where while we were in fear of such a tragic situation the Lord turned to us and said good will come of this. As we prayed for those who were there, those who died and those who survived and the families of them all, my husband looked at me and said I know how I want to support my family. I could feel a lump in my throat as I asked "how my love", he replied with joining the army. My heart sank but I knew this was the moment I had been praying for and that he was serious, yet, he said first I am going to volunteer at our local Fire department and then go from there.

Pretty much that is where it all began with us, my husband never enlisted but he has been an active Firefighter for 9 years now. I look back on that day and now see that it isn't the world that Lord trusted with our children it is my husband and I. Though I cannot protect them from the tragedies of life I can prepare them and with the Lords help we can make them spiritually strong. September 11th 2001 was the day that our lives took a dramatic turn, it was the day that many doors opened that we did not know existed and it was the day the light was shown on not only our blessings but our paths to follow as well. Many things went through our heads that day and those things continue to repeat on a daily basis, but just as the Lord said good came of it.

My heart goes out to those that were affected by the tragic events of September 11th and I can only imagine the devastation that continues to play part in their lives because of it. Yet I know that just as it was a turning point in our lives it was also a turning point in many of your lives and I would love to hear your stories. Leave it through a comment here on this page or link your post to Mr. Linky.

God bless America!!!

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