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Happy Anniversary/Kelly Day

I have learned through out these years that there are more lessons to learn as a firefighters wife than there is for just being a wife in general.I have been able to find contentment in the fact that not every holiday is going to be just as I had planned as a little girl, nor is every birthday going to be celebrated on the actual date, yet, I still find disarray when it comes to our wedding anniversary.Though my hubby does try his hardest in finding something special to caress the day with, I am often alone when the clock strikes 6pm.

I remember the best anniversary yet was the year that we found out I was pregnant with our first child. It was a very awkward feeling at first, being that we never planned for children, but as this life grew inside of me so did our dreams for their future. I started to have complications around my 4/5th month and had decided that I did not want to find out the sex until the day of birth. I felt if I had lost the baby not knowing would help me better to cope with the loss. After my second surgery and several false alarms my OB decided that it was best to have an amino test ran. She explained to us what the test consist of and the reasons for it but was hesitant on the risk. We did our own research immaturely (word of mouth) and the second our family heard of the results of our research they too became concerned. Need less to say we had full trust in our doctor and it wasn't as bad as I has expected.

We were so stressed out by the fact that so many things could go wrong that we had forgotten that the test was scheduled on the day of our anniversary. I was on bed rest so it wasn't as if we could have gone out anyway. The next day I woke up and realized that we did nothing to celebrate it, we were so thankful that nothing had gone wrong that we skipped right over it. I was so upset! So I got up and shuffled through the house to find something anything and I found some construction paper and colored pencils. I sat at our kitchen table as long as my medication would allow and made my husband an anniversary card as if I was back in grade school again.

When he came home I think it was the first time I had ever seen him so emotional, he came in the bedroom with tears in his eyes and apologized so many times for forgetting the best day of his life. I assured him under the circumstances he was excused, lol. That night after I had gone to sleep he slowly got out of bed and did the same, made my anniversary card, then laid it on my night stand so that it was the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning.I still tear up when I see that card still.

From that day forward not only has he never forgotten our anniversary but we have yet to purchase each other cards and now that I am married to a firefighter our anniversary has a new name all together....Kelly day, lol.

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