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Embracing a New Journey

It is no secret, anymore, that my hubby and I suffered from a very dramatic and stressful time in our marriage about 2 years ago. It was an event that brought on so much pain; neither of us thought we would be able to bear the burden of moving on or even survive. Yet not only did we survive, we grew from it and became stronger in our relationships, marriage and as individuals. We became true to ourselves, true to each other, and more importantly true to God. Being that it is God alone that guided us through that situation and it is God that held us up when we were falling down. It is our trust in him that has kept us together and our faith in him that has caused us to fall in love all over again 

Though this summer we experienced what I like to call a "hick up", it wasn't an Earth quake but it did cause the ground to shake. Although there were a lot of words that were thrown in the air, there wasn't a conversation in which God wasn't a part of or a conversation that diminished either of us. It wasn't even a finger pointing moment. It was a moment of accountability, a moment in which we both owned up to our faults, discriminations, and unjustifiable actions that had no meaning to them what so ever. That is why I refer to it as a "hick up", it was a moment so confusing yet satisfying to our relationship that it was obvious there was more to that story to be told than just the part we had played.

Yet it is due to that moment that we realized we are not able to maintain this legacy on our own. We need the atmosphere that it takes to hold such a wonderful legacy together, an atmosphere that includes support, encouragement and mediation. When we were able to finally exhale and look around we saw that God had indeed led us to that very atmosphere. A small group that has chosen to embark on a fabulous journey together, confide in each other all of our breathtaking scenery and pot holes along the way. 

Our map is The DNA of Relationships by Gary Smalley, with the Lord as our guide.

I cannot wait until our journey begins!

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