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Embracing a New Journey

It is no secret, anymore, that my hubby and I suffered from a very dramatic and stressful time in our marriage about 2 years ago. It was an event that brought on so much pain; neither of us thought we would be able to bear the burden of moving on or even survive. Yet not only did we survive, we grew from it and became stronger in our relationships, marriage and as individuals. We became true to ourselves, true to each other, and more importantly true to God. Being that it is God alone that guided us through that situation and it is God that held us up when we were falling down. It is our trust in him that has kept us together and our faith in him that has caused us to fall in love all over again

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9/11 Tributes (Just a Few)

The devastating memories of September 11th will rein in our minds forever but as Firefighters wife it is a tragic thoughts of fear ring in the back of my mind always as do the gut wrenching tributes that are continuously played on You Tube. I have never sat down and watched any of them til today, I actually had to refrain from searching after a few minutes due to the overwelming of so many. I posted a few links on here that were intriquing to me;

Budweiser Clydesdale 

Anheuser Busch soldier contribute

This one is not just for 9/11 but for all firefighters in general, every day.

Where Were You on that September Day??

My husband and I were married in 1998 at a very young age with the understanding that kids were NOT in our near future. My hubby, bless his heart, claimed he wanted kids right away, so we kept his nieces for an entire week and he changed his mind, lol. At that point we cherished our freedom. Yet shortly after the Columbine shooting we made a vow that we would never have kids due to the fact we did not want to live in fear every day that our child went to school. Obviously the Lord had a different plan being that I gave birth to our first son in the later part of 2000.

Happy Anniversary/Kelly Day

I have learned through out these years that there are more lessons to learn as a firefighters wife than there is for just being a wife in general.I have been able to find contentment in the fact that not every holiday is going to be just as I had planned as a little girl, nor is every birthday going to be celebrated on the actual date, yet, I still find disarray when it comes to our wedding anniversary.Though my hubby does try his hardest in finding something special to caress the day with, I am often alone when the clock strikes 6pm.