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Savings of Over $300

This week was such an awesome week, with Kroger's P&G savings sale, where you buy 4 participating items and receive $4 off your total bill. Lots of FREE items to stock up on, check out my list below, the items listed in blue indicate e-coupons that can be loaded up on your Kroger Plus card through the Kroger web site.

OAMC Not by Choice

Right before we left for Church camp my deep freeze was left open. I am not sure for how long but it was long enough that I had to do some unscheduled cooking. I had a pork loin, roast, T-bone steaks and some ribs. I knew that my hubby would not cook these nightly while we were gone so on my day of packing I was also cooking, though I did take the ribs and roast to my parents, who have provided many of many dinners for us.