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Roast Recipes

When I had gathered my ground beef recipes and finally cooked them, I had also asked my hubby to set out a roast for me to cook and freeze as well. Little did I know til the next morning he had actually set out 4, therefore I had 4 roast to prepare and cook with only one crock pot, being that he left my second one at the station.

With no time to look up recipes, I made due with experimentations, lol, based on concoctions mixed with ingredients that I have on hand. Here are the results, note that these are my own concoctions and being that I don't measure use ingredients to your discretion.

Beer Battered Roast,
This was a result of emptying beer cans that had been in my frig for more than a month.
2 Beef Roast
in 1 large crock pot
covered with beer (of your choice)
and 1/2 carton of beef broth
cooked for 5 hours on high

drained then brought to room temp.
Wrapped 1 whole for future dinner and placed in freezer
1 shredded them wrapped for future dinners and placed in the freezer

Garlic Smothered Roast,
3 garlic cloves minced
3 T of garlic powder
splash of sea salt
splash of salt and pepper
splash of Basil
splash of Worcestershire sauce
then smothered to cover roast
cooked at 350` covered with aluminum foil, til done

Brought to room temp, then wrapped and placed into the freezer for future dinner.

Liquid Smoke Roast,
Sea salt
onion powder
splash of liquid smoker
mixed together then rubbed to smother roast
cooked at 350` covered with aluminum foil, til done

Brought to room temp. then wrapped and placed in the freezer for future dinner

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