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Uncle Ben Saved My Phone!

So Wednesday morning I woke up it a fairly good mood, I was so rested I think I could have laid in bed and actually relaxed rather than worry about what I needed to do for the day. The only events that were on my agenda were church, Bible study in the morning and then again that night. The boys were even in a great mood my oldest got up an hour early on his own and was ready to go just a few minutes later. He had done everything with out me having to remind him, which is very rare. My middle man got up to bid his bubba farewell, while my baby boy laid there and laughed. Yet the minute I got into the shower my rainbows turned into dark clouds.

Then the storm began, middle man refused to take a shower or listen to what I was saying, disobeying my every word. Baby boy wouldn't stop crying, it was as if he wanted to nurse non stop. I hadn't talked to my hubby all morning and then....the...very...moment...he...calls...I reach...for my phone...I pick...it...up and it literally jumps out of my hand...taking a dive...right into my freshly...poured and perfectly fixed...cup of...coffee...KUPLUNK!!! NNNNOOOOO!!!! I shouted as it bobbed up high enough for me to think it may actually be okay. It was as if the whole situation was animated in slow motion on the big screens. I was devastated!

I finally got us all cleaned up and even though we were late I showed up to church with half of my make up on, wearing my hair in a messed up bun;twist. My friend felt so sorry for me she donated enough for me to get another cup of coffee I could actually enjoy. One of the teachers told me to try sticking my phone in a bag of rice as funny as it sounded I was desperate, being that we didn't take insurance out on my phone either. When I made it home I opened my Netbook to try and get a text message to my hubby to let him know I was okay.

After a friend of mine tried to make me smile, via Facebook, she shared the same secret with me about the bag of rice. Well it definitely can not hurt anything,so I opened a bag of Uncle Ben's Rice, filled up a sandwich bag and submerged my phone, with the battery detached, until it could no longer be seen and then I prayed.

My hubby finally came home missing me more than he ever has due to he had not heard my voice all day long and did not comprehend the messages I sent him. I shared with him the bag of rice and he rolled his eyes in disbelief. I was so shook up I was scared to get out due to the fact that I barely made it to the gas station on my way picking up big man from school. Seems I rely on my phone for more reasons than I thought. I didn't make it to church that night either my bad day was staying bad as long as I was not at home but if I stayed everything was gravy. So we made mash potatoes and ham, lol.

The next morning I woke up and went straight to the kitchen, opened the bag of rice and WOLA my phone was revived. There are a few things that could be better such as sticking keys and spots of discoloration on the screen but all in all it does what I need it to do...keep me sane, lol. I think if I let it sit in rice another 24 hours my screen may be restored but I am not sure that I could survive another 24 with out my phone, how sad is that??


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your phone survived!!

Paula said...

Glad to hear your phone survived!!