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Menu Plannning

Back before I began couponing, I would schedule my menu for the entire month and only cook for one day =0) (aka OAMC=Once A Month Cooking) Yes sounds overwhelming but actually it was less time consuming than you can imagine. Yes I cooked any where from 6-8 hours but it was only for one day ;-) I would put my meals in the freezer, place them in the fridge the day before they were scheduled to be cooked, then heat them up on their scheduled day and chow down. It was quite simple being that I didn't have to cook any more for the entire month.

My son loved it because I had enough time to cook deserts, my hubs loved it because he didn't have to worry about cooking on my nights to work and I LOVED it because I spent more time with my family ;-)

Though I saved $300 just by OAMC alone I don't do it any more and haven't for a couple of years. Not because I can't or don't want to but I really don't have time believe it or not =0) My children are a hand full and I am a married wife living the single mother life therefore my time is limited still. However I do cook bi-weekly.

I schedule my menu for a little over 2 weeks being I only get paid twice a month. Some times I struggle but other times I am on the ball and am able to menu plan based of my reserve. Menu planning is BY FAR the biggest and most money saving secret that every savvy mama should know!

I try my best to post my menus bi-weekly under this link My Menu Plan

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