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The Grocery Game

The Grocery Game is my #1 resource for saving money, though it is a paid subscription it is cheap enough that I am able to include it into my grocery budget and not miss it ;-) I have used Grocer Game for 3 years now and am a Faithful Grocery Gamer.

Teri is the owner of The Grocery Game and has basically done all the work for the rest of us Grocery Gamer ;-). Each week, rather than thumb through the sale adds and search for my coupons, I am able to sign in to my account and design my grocery list to fit my needs based on current sale listings.

When The Grocery Game lists are released they include all in store sales as well so I don't have to come back and verify anything for the rest of the week. The lists are also colored coded to ensure the best possible savings.

  • Black=on sale
  • Blue=on sale at bottom dollar
  • Green=free
Sometimes the qp is what makes the item fall int the color category but the item doesn't have to be combined with a qp to be a great deal. For example I will translate ;-)

  • Black= buy as needed
  • Blue=stock up
  • Green=stock up and/or donate
Yes there are a lot of free websites out there, however let me clarify this is NOT just another web site this IS a service, a service that not only saves you time and money but will save your sanity as well.

Meaning I don't have to gamble that this is the best deal on this item for the next 6 weeks I know, because it is in the code ;-) Unless of course  a better QP comes out, lol.

You can check out the Grocery Game at Grocerygame.com and please use my referral address =0) prudentwisdom@gmail.com Thanx ;-)

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