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Uncle Ben Saved My Phone!

So Wednesday morning I woke up it a fairly good mood, I was so rested I think I could have laid in bed and actually relaxed rather than worry about what I needed to do for the day. The only events that were on my agenda were church, Bible study in the morning and then again that night. The boys were even in a great mood my oldest got up an hour early on his own and was ready to go just a few minutes later. He had done everything with out me having to remind him, which is very rare. My middle man got up to bid his bubba farewell, while my baby boy laid there and laughed. Yet the minute I got into the shower my rainbows turned into dark clouds.

Then the storm began, middle man refused to take a shower or listen to what I was saying, disobeying my every word. Baby boy wouldn't stop crying, it was as if he wanted to nurse non stop. I hadn't talked to my hubby all morning and then....the...very...moment...he...calls...I reach...for my phone...I and it literally jumps…

Ground Beef (OAMC) Menu Part 1

Well I have prepared all week to cook my monthly meal tonight and my hubby has changed the schedule on me. Him being off work for the first time in 2 weeks he feels the need to cook for his family himself, I am not one to argue, ;-) Especially since this gives me more time to catch up on my that I have neglected it for more than a week. :-( Therefore I will now only cook a portion of my monthly menu tonight and start back on the rest when he goes back to work.

First of I have to share with you the story line behind this menu, just in case you are wondering why I am only cooking ground beef. This is not what we will eat all month, I just know that if I don't get it cooked up now I will never get it done when school lets out for the summer.

Way back when on Super Bowl Sunday my hubby was on shift, which was great for him...there were no kids to interrupt, lol. Yet it wasn't so great for our budget being that there was a pot going around on scores. Not wanting to be t…

The Grocery Game

The Grocery Game is my #1 resource for saving money, though it is a paid subscription it is cheap enough that I am able to include it into my grocery budget and not miss it ;-) I have used Grocer Game for 3 years now and am a Faithful Grocery Gamer.

Teri is the owner of The Grocery Game and has basically done all the work for the rest of us Grocery Gamer ;-). Each week, rather than thumb through the sale adds and search for my coupons, I am able to sign in to my account and design my grocery list to fit my needs based on current sale listings.

When The Grocery Game lists are released they include all in store sales as well so I don't have to come back and verify anything for the rest of the week. The lists are also colored coded to ensure the best possible savings.

Black=on saleBlue=on sale at bottom dollarGreen=free Sometimes the qp is what makes the item fall int the color category but the item doesn't have to be combined with a qp to be a great deal. For example I will trans…

Menu Plannning

Back before I began couponing, I would schedule my menu for the entire month and only cook for one day =0) (aka OAMC=Once A Month Cooking) Yes sounds overwhelming but actually it was less time consuming than you can imagine. Yes I cooked any where from 6-8 hours but it was only for one day ;-) I would put my meals in the freezer, place them in the fridge the day before they were scheduled to be cooked, then heat them up on their scheduled day and chow down. It was quite simple being that I didn't have to cook any more for the entire month.

My son loved it because I had enough time to cook deserts, my hubs loved it because he didn't have to worry about cooking on my nights to work and I LOVED it because I spent more time with my family ;-)

Though I saved $300 just by OAMC alone I don't do it any more and haven't for a couple of years. Not because I can't or don't want to but I really don't have time believe it or not =0) My children are a hand full and I am …

Hand of Fate Book Review

Hand of Fate A Triple Threat Novel by Lis Whiel and April Henry
This novel is one of the most fascinating novels ever read. One that can not be put down till the entirety is read. With so much suspense and thriller, along with the most blinding twist imagined, you will feel like you will miss something if you close the book. I have to watch myself on this review because I don't want to give too much away. A very controversial radio talk show host is murdered and because of his strong reviews on such subjects his popularity is not all that amazing, therefore the suspect list is quite long. His murder is not one of an open and close case either, being that the murder weapon is gas vapors from a package that he opens. Tracing such path is a whole lot of foot work, yet as his life unfolds before the readers eyes the plot becomes more suspenseful. I myself am usually good at these things but I never saw this coming. The authors have definitely written this one well and I will now have my e…