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The Better Me!

Since I have rededicated my life to Christ I have found myself biting my tongue more frequently and shoving my mouth with more food than will fit. Being that the "old me" is the type of person that will express her opinions truthfully without any disregard. Though, I do not feel that is a bad thing, I do feel that it is more pleasing to give it to God and watch what he can do. Rather than exhausting myself with situations I have no control over.

Recent events have caused me to see that things are not always what they seem and no matter how hard I try or pray things will be what they will be, rather it is the will of God or some other force of nature. Even though I am apart of these situations I can still remain disconnected having no part in responding to immature allegations being that my part is by the will of God and that I am here only because he put me here which is the reason I find gratitude in his work.

I try so hard to be the better person, not that I admit to not being the better person in my past but that I would rather live the rest of my life not making the Lord look bad by showing those around me what he can do for you. For example; the ability to omit negativity in your life, this is possible by giving it all to him. Even though negative morons try to squeeze through and tempt your fate you will not be moved as long as your trust in him.

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