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Walgreens $5 Challenge

I am going to have to confess that Walgreens is not my favorite place, I know they have a savings system that is comparable to CVS but it is not CVS and CVS lets me shop with very little restrictions, which is possibly why I have to race to the shelves in order to get the products I want every week. Yet in regards to a few friends of mine, I feel that it is my duty to also encourage Walgreen's savings here on this site being that they have an inside incentive (employee discount) that they are not using due to lack of knowledge. Therefore I will be linking up to Keeping the Kingdom First's $5 challenge each week in order to find the best scenarios to get me started.

Alyssa, the Kingdom First Mom, has a $5 challenge every week, where Walgreens shoppers share their scenarios for the upcoming week with a budget of only $5 OOP and continuously accumulating register rewards to use in the weeks ahead. Now since I am just beginning I have decided to search through the links in order to find the best scenarios that started with NO register rewards and I found more than one; Saving a Bundle and Jennifer at Money Saving Secrets. I am going to use both scenarios therefore will be over the $5 challenge, but remember friends you have an employee discount which entitles you to even more savings.

If anyone has other scenarios PLEASE link it up below, we need all the help we can get, lol, Thanx!

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