Valentines at Victoria’s Secret

I am in vengeful state of mind right now being that I was attacked yesterday, not literally but mentally. A very, sweet, acquaintance of mine came into VS to shop yesterday for a Valentine's gift, not only was she surprised at my "professional" appearance, lol, but she was shocked that a coupon queen would actually work at such a place. At first I laughed it off by responding with "I know, right", and then I realized she was serious, as if you could not bargain shop at Victoria's Secret.
Yes I understand that there are a few items that will blow your mind and your wallet but look deeper ladies, when this company runs sales they RUN SALES. For instance 5/$25 cotton panties, means exactly what it says any 5 cotton panties for $25, so if you pick up 5 panties that are regularly priced at $9.50 each you just saved $22.50. You can even save with coupons, being this company sends out more coupons than I have ever seen come from 1 clothing store alone, and if you have an Angel's credit card you get even more savings, with the ridiculous amount of dollar off coupons they mail out specifically to their card holders. They even send you "birthday money".
Wait a minute…I heard you gasp…how dare I mention a credit card on a site that is based on getting out of debt and living frugally? That is because this card is unlike any other store credit card, you can actually carry a $0 balance on this card, which means there is no reason for you to go over budget. When making a purchase, after the transaction is complete, turn around and pay it off. Therefore, if you walk into the store with a$0 balance on your card and a $50 budget, you can make a $50 purchase, and then pay off your account with the $50 in your pocket, right then and there, giving you the confidence to walk back out of the store maintaining a $0 balance on your card, without exceeding your budget. It is as simple as that! There isn't even a need to know your available balance (unless it is a low one) because if you stick to your budget you will not go over and if you don't know what it is you can't be tempted with what you don't have.
All this adrenaline has sparked a meme for this blog, each week I plan to share with you the many ways you can shop at Victoria's Secret frugally. What better time to start, on Valentine's weekend. Below are some great ideas for extreme Valentine's basket in which one can create without breaking the bank:
For a budget of $100;
  • 1 bra from the sales bin marked $15.99 and up (based on highest price spotted) $26.99
  • 5 matching panties for $25
  • 8 bottles(mix of lotions, sprays, and wash) of her favorite garden fragrance for $35
  • 2 mini body sprays of garden fragrance for travel $12 or for the germ cautious mommies, like myself, 3 sanitizers of the garden fragrance for $5
  • A total savings ranging from $100 to $130
Or From our Intimes collection that is 50% off (prices reflect sale)
  • 1 bottle of perfume for $22.50
  • 1 bottle of body spray for $12.50
  • 1 bottle of bottle of body lotion for $11.00
  • A total savings of $46

For a budget of $50;
Beauty Rush collection is on sale 3 for $25
  • 1 body lotion
  • 1 body wash
  • 1 body butter
  • 1 shimmer lotion
  • 2 body sprays (1 for home, 1 for travel)
  • A savings of over $11
 Even for a budget of $25 you can keep with the 3 for $25 in the Beauty Rush collection.
 Or 2 bottles of the Pink collection for $20
  • 1 body spray
  • 1 lotion
  • A savings of over $10
These are just a few of my favorites, there are lots of other fragrance and body collections to choose from as well as some beautiful night gown and lingerie sets that are on display and can be selectively matched for your preference by one of the Victoria's Secret Angels team members.