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Smoke Detector Test

Last night I went through the most horrifying reality checks that I am now so thankful for, being that it could have happened unexpectedly rather than expected. It all started a few days ago, a friend of mine posted on her Facebook that her smoke detectors went off due to steam from her iron. Knowing that it was a little over a year ago that her house was actually on fire, she assumed her children would be horrified by this sound therefore when she finally got the treacherous beeping turned off, she rushed upstairs to assure them that everything was okay and that there was no fire. Yet much to her surprise they did not need her reassurance, not only were they not terrified they were still asleep. Although she was relieved that this incident did not bring on any anxiety she was concerned because they were STILL ASLEEP!!!

What if this was a fire? What if it was real smoke that triggered the smoke alarm and not just steam? What if? What if? After she posted her concern on Facebook a friend of hers commented with a link in which led you to this video posted on You Tube.Now if you have children you MUST watch this video now! There is no reason to wait you can finish reading this post after you watch the video;

Does that not send chills up your back? It did mine and being that my husband is a Fire Fighter he was horrified to know that a properly working smoke detector may not even save the life of a child, let alone ours. So, out of pure curiosity, we decided to run this test ourselves. If any of our children wake up we will follow through with a live fire drill, if none of our children wake up we will be ordering new smoke detectors. Needless to say, we will be ordering new smoke detectors.

NOT ONE of our 3 children woke up. For 3 minutes our smoke detectors beeped screechingly throughout our house (there is 1 in EVERY room) and our children were sound asleep. Our 9 year old did not budge, our 2 year old sat straight up, after 1 minute, looked around and laid back down, and our 3 month old did not even curl his bottom lip. They had no idea that the alarm was even going off. I stood in our hallway and cried, playing the "What If" game in my head.

This morning I Searched Amazon.com for voice smoke detector and found one that I will order and as soon as I get it in we will run another drill in which I pray my children wake up for.

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