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Showing My Appreciation

These past few weeks have been trying for me I have tried to stick to my resolutions for my blogging goals as well as putting the final touches to closing my business on top of maintaining an organized house hold with a newborn who now has thrush and a 2 year old that is definitely shinning with the terrible twos label. I have tried my hardest to stay on top of Reading the Bible in 90 days challenge, where I should be on day 38 but I have yet to get passed day 12, and I have totally missed out on all the tweet parties which thoroughly blew my chances to attend Savvy Blogging in which I have been following from the very beginning but have been unnoticeable due to all that is listed above.
Yet despite all that I have complained about I am still on track with my savings and sticking to my budget. With Google Reader I have also been able to selectively read up and stay on top of my blogs with in my niche, along with a few of my favorite community and network blogs. One that has kept my motivation going is The Secrets in the Sauce, this networking blog not only encourages community like involvement but relies completely on comment support. Through this I have received several comments to a few of my blog post, and have been assigned "assignments" in order to keep me moving. Props to Mom's Tool Box as well, she has encouraged support throughout the readers of the Bible in 90 days challenge where I have amped up my get'r done attitude, lol. Keeping the Kingdom First has been there whenever I have a question that I have not been able to find the answer to along with Coupon Deals and More as well as others from #savvyblogging.
However this week I have no choice but to find a suitable schedule that will no doubt work for me and my family, therefore I am praying that I will be able to find time to sit down and show my appreciation and support to those blogs that have kept me sane. Eventually this blog will get going and be all that it can be and more, till then, bear with me and know that I appreciate you more than you will ever know.


Sandy said...

awww hang in there mama! your blog is great. btw, im loving that you have a swidget on here... i'm a big swagbucks fan!! =)

Dee said...

Take your time! Focus on what you need to do and leave the to do list in the drawer fir a bit. You have enough on your plate right now. Baby's should be enjoyed (I have to rem,ember that one!) even when sick. :) You'll get there.
Take care!