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Organize This House!

When my hubby and I built our house we only had in mind the 3 of us, him, me and our first born, who was 6 at the time. We chose a subdivision based on the fact that we were not having any more children, meaning it would be more likely that he could have more friends to play with us if we did not live out in BFE. Little did we know that the Lord would bless us with another the first year of our residence and another, 2 years later? Now the five of us are running out of room to grow, yet we don't feel cramped, at least not know.
As I was putting up my Christmas d├ęcor I realized that I was raised in a house much smaller than this one, though we were one less, it still felt like a castle to me and my brother. My hubby has mentioned moving and possibly rebuilding but if you know anything about us or have been following this blog you know as well as I do that that is not going to happen, at least not this year. Therefore I am determined that organization will make this small space seem larger.
Now being that we built our house we were able to take into consideration some personal modifications in which we alternated to our preference. We wanted every bedroom to have walk-in-closets to which eliminated bedroom furniture, we designed a cubby hole for our existing TV over the fire place and plugs installed close to the ceiling where we have placed our entertainment devices, again eliminating pieces of furniture. Being the 3 of us there was no need for a bonus room, so the third bedroom was set up for an office/guest bedroom space.
Now that there are 5 of us we are wishing that we added that bonus room after all, not for just the extra room but for the extra storage. Yet in remembrance of my younger years, I know I can defeat this challenge.
So I have turned this;

And this;

Into this;

All our games, movies, music and crafts are now behind this door in our hallway closet. The kids now have to check out their games books and music in order to maintain loss prevention. No more cluttering up my living room with all this.....~clutter~ By eliminating clutter this organization project is just one small step in making this small space magazine qualified. ;-)

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