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Breastfeeding with Thrush

Having a baby with thrush is not fun, especially if you are breastfeeding. For weeks now I have had to do my own research on this topic due to the fact that everyone including doctors assume since this is my third child I should already know not only what this is but how to fix it. News flash this may be my third child but it is the first time that I have dealt with this nasty mess and now that I know more about it I strongly believe that I have had it longer than the doctors know. Though my son has not shown many signs for an extended length of time I on the other hand have. Some of the problems that we were having with breastfeeding in the beginning may have not have been exactly what we thought they were. To explain let me share some of the knowledge that I have collected within the past few days.
Thrush is basically a yeast (Candida) infection found in a baby's mouth in which can affect a mother's nipple during breastfeeding. As gross as that sounds it is very common being that yeast is a natural part of everyone's digestive system that becomes infected just by simple overgrowth. Many things can trigger this overgrowth, such as antibiotics, your immune system may be down for a particular reason or even in a baby's case not strong enough, hormone changes due to pregnancy, and antibiotics, these are just a few.
It can spread from mother to baby during child birth. The mother may have a yeast infection and not be aware of it causing it to infect the baby as it travels through the birth canal, even with a c-section the infection can be passed through breast milk because of antibiotics. If you both are not treated you will only be passing it back and forth. Symptoms for a mother may be sore, itchy burning nipples that are pink and tender to the touch, shooting pain throughout the breast or a common vaginal yeast infection. Some common symptoms for baby are white patched inside the mouth on the inner cheeks and bottom lip along with a white milky tongue or a severe diaper rash. He may even show signs of discomfort at meal time or sucking on a foo foo due to the white patches being painful.
Now before knowing all this I was suffering from shooting pain throughout my breast, tender nipples with burning sensations and stress from it all. It would get better then get worse, better then worse, this has gone on since we brought him home from the hospital. It wasn't till his 8 week check up that the Doc noticed his tongue was a little on the white side and she felt that he needed to be medicated in order to prevent it from developing into thrush rather than treating him for it. I had no idea that he was unable to attend child care till I took him to the nursery a few days later, it was then that I made his next appointment just to verify that he was not diagnosed, only to find that the medicine didn't prevent what was bound to happen. Now his poor lip was swollen and I needed to be treated as well, luckily he had not developed a diaper rash from it or showed signs of severe pain.
My OB called in a medication that is basically like purple iodine, turned my nipples totally purple, lol. Because of my transformed areolas I was afraid to nurse my baby being that I did not want to stain his face. So for a week I pumped and fed him from a bottle, not my cup of tea but it was working my breast were starting to feel better. Then the night before my OB appointment I was super engorged and nothing was coming out when I tried to pump therefore I broke down and nursed him. Needless to say that was not the best idea, basically in doing so I just re-infected us both.
Now the knowledge is clear since we infected each other we have to treat each other, I have no choice but to feed my baby with purple nipples (the medicine helps us both). We both are now getting double doses. So here we are back at the beginning again but now that I know what is going on I am more confident that it can only get better this go around. Until it does we won't be getting out much, my baby's face looks like he washed it in grape jelly, lol.
If you need more information on the causes, prevention and treatments check out these links that helped me Baby Center and Webmd. Pursuit

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