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Smoke Detector Test

Last night I went through the most horrifying reality checks that I am now so thankful for, being that it could have happened unexpectedly rather than expected. It all started a few days ago, a friend of mine posted on her Facebook that her smoke detectors went off due to steam from her iron. Knowing that it was a little over a year ago that her house was actually on fire, she assumed her children would be horrified by this sound therefore when she finally got the treacherous beeping turned off, she rushed upstairs to assure them that everything was okay and that there was no fire. Yet much to her surprise they did not need her reassurance, not only were they not terrified they were still asleep. Although she was relieved that this incident did not bring on any anxiety she was concerned because they were STILL ASLEEP!!!

What if this was a fire? What if it was real smoke that triggered the smoke alarm and not just steam? What if? What if? After she posted her concern on Facebook a fr…

Under 50 at CVS!

I had a 5/15 qp that expired today so I had to make a CVS trip tonight and will probably make another tomorrow night, just to stay ahead of the game. Even though I "ROCKED" it tonight I received all that is pictured for only $.48 and $15.00 ECB's to roll.
1-3 Musketeer-$.50 1-Twix -$.49 1-L'Oreal Revitalift Wrinkle Repair-$14.00 1-EARinse-$7.99 1-L'Real 360 Clean-$6.00 1-Colgate Max White-$2.99 1-Colgate toothbrush-$1.99 1-$.75 Colgate toothpaste qp 1-$1.00 L'Oreal moisturizer qp 1-$1.00 L'Oreal cleanser qp 1-$5/$15 CVS qp 1-$26.00 ECBs GRAND TOTAL-$.48 $1.00 Green Tag ECB $7.99 EARinse ECB $2.00 Colgate toothpaste ECB $5.00 L'Oreal ECB GRAND TOTAL-$15.99 ECB for next week!!

Organize This House!

When my hubby and I built our house we only had in mind the 3 of us, him, me and our first born, who was 6 at the time. We chose a subdivision based on the fact that we were not having any more children, meaning it would be more likely that he could have more friends to play with us if we did not live out in BFE. Little did we know that the Lord would bless us with another the first year of our residence and another, 2 years later? Now the five of us are running out of room to grow, yet we don't feel cramped, at least not know.
As I was putting up my Christmas d├ęcor I realized that I was raised in a house much smaller than this one, though we were one less, it still felt like a castle to me and my brother. My hubby has mentioned moving and possibly rebuilding but if you know anything about us or have been following this blog you know as well as I do that that is not going to happen, at least not this year. Therefore I am determined that organization will make this small space se…

Walgreens $5 Challenge

I am going to have to confess that Walgreens is not my favorite place, I know they have a savings system that is comparable to CVS but it is not CVS and CVS lets me shop with very little restrictions, which is possibly why I have to race to the shelves in order to get the products I want every week. Yet in regards to a few friends of mine, I feel that it is my duty to also encourage Walgreen's savings here on this site being that they have an inside incentive (employee discount) that they are not using due to lack of knowledge. Therefore I will be linking up to Keeping the Kingdom First's $5 challenge each week in order to find the best scenarios to get me started.

Alyssa, the Kingdom First Mom, has a $5 challenge every week, where Walgreens shoppers share their scenarios for the upcoming week with a budget of only $5 OOP and continuously accumulating register rewards to use in the weeks ahead. Now since I am just beginning I have decided to search through the links in order …

Showing My Appreciation

These past few weeks have been trying for me I have tried to stick to my resolutions for my blogging goals as well as putting the final touches to closing my business on top of maintaining an organized house hold with a newborn who now has thrush and a 2 year old that is definitely shinning with the terrible twos label. I have tried my hardest to stay on top of Reading the Bible in 90 days challenge, where I should be on day 38 but I have yet to get passed day 12, and I have totally missed out on all the tweet parties which thoroughly blew my chances to attend Savvy Blogging in which I have been following from the very beginning but have been unnoticeable due to all that is listed above.
Yet despite all that I have complained about I am still on track with my savings and sticking to my budget. With Google Reader I have also been able to selectively read up and stay on top of my blogs with in my niche, along with a few of my favorite community and network blogs. One that has kept my m…

Super Savings week of 2/6

Well tonight rounded up another grocery night where I took full advantage of my husband's presence, though I feel bad because he is working so much lately but none the less it is so much easier with help and the boys now see it as a family adventure. I nabbed my savings at 2 of my favorite stores, Krogers and Publix, where I made mad dashes down the aisles so that the boys could enjoy the magazine racks. Except for my middle man he enjoys "driving" the cart, lol. Here's my grocery list;
Krogers; (items highlighted are the $5 on $10 deals)
7 Hormel Masters Chile-$.50
7 $.50 qp S 1/24
FREE!! + overages
8 Rotel-$.50
7 qp S 1/24 + 1 in Jan All You Mag.
FREE!! + overages
5 Sister Shubert's Heat'n Serve Dinner Rolls-$1.99
5 qp S 11/15
1 Duncan Hines Cake Mix-$1.25
Free qp in Mailer
1 Cheerios-$3.30
Free qp in mailer
1 Crest Toothpaste
Free qp in mailer
1 Oscar Myer Beef Franks-$2.99
Free qp in Mailer
1 AAA Energizer Batteries-$1.28
1 bottle of Soft Soap …

Breastfeeding with Thrush

Having a baby with thrush is not fun, especially if you are breastfeeding. For weeks now I have had to do my own research on this topic due to the fact that everyone including doctors assume since this is my third child I should already know not only what this is but how to fix it. News flash this may be my third child but it is the first time that I have dealt with this nasty mess and now that I know more about it I strongly believe that I have had it longer than the doctors know. Though my son has not shown many signs for an extended length of time I on the other hand have. Some of the problems that we were having with breastfeeding in the beginning may have not have been exactly what we thought they were. To explain let me share some of the knowledge that I have collected within the past few days.
Thrush is basically a yeast (Candida) infection found in a baby's mouth in which can affect a mother's nipple during breastfeeding. As gross as that sounds it is very common bein…