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Reading the Bible in 90 Days/Day 5

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Well I am a little slow at getting started I did not want it to be this way, I know that I have a 2 day “Grace” period but I would rather save them for a much later time. Now that my hubby has informed me that he thinks this challenge is impossible I am even more determined to succeed on this mission than ever before. Though, I have to agree, in part, that it is a little more overwhelming than I thought. To a single person I am sure it can be accomplished more easily than I who has 3 children, 2 which are in diapers, a 9 year old with homework and a firefighting hubby to cook for, care for and clean up after. Due to homemaking and a career this challenge becomes a task that has to be scheduled, in which goes against my theory that reading the bible should be in leisure rather than as an assignment…little did I know that it is an assignment, form God!

None the less here I am arriving in Genesis chapter 20 and from the very beginning it is amazing to the power of our mighty God. From Adam to Eve to Noah building the ark to the death of Abraham I am amazed with the drama and the suspense that I never knew the Bible with held. Trough this chapter I am learning, through test of faith, nothing is greater than he and the pans that he has for us.

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