Just the other day my mom and I were whatching the Food Network, I don't remember the host, and the theme was drive in diners, sharing great diner recipes from retro drive-ins from that particular era. However, we were more impresses with their display of a very simple picinic table with a tradictional red and white checker board cloth, matching napkins, flower arrangements in take out containers and drinking glasses, with the "wow" part being the place settings. They were plastic set with the plate and utensils attached all together as one item. To use the utensils just pop them away from the plate and then toss to dispose of. It seemed like a great item but they did not announce where on Earth the got such an item just said they were found on the internet.
Well beleive it or not I came across a very similar item at in there clearance section no doubt. This maybe an item it which it would not be so bad to put in a well organized picinic basket as a gift to a special someone ;-)
Of course you have to check out everything else they carry as well especially there as seen on TV section, and the best part is you can Save 10% on all orders at when you use code GETORGNZ now through 2/28/10