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Forgiveness is very powerful having the ability to demolish sybil rivalry. From death, to birthrights and even abandonment, leaves no room for lifelong grudges. If only some today we could embrace this amount of forgiveness in our hearts and grasp the importance of family, brothers and sisters being of best friends.
Obvious favoritism is shown between Isaac and Rebekah over their sons, Esah and Jacob. Jacob steels Esah’s birthrights as well as his father’s blessings, yet when years of absence pass Esah greats his brother with great joy and open arms, weeping of his presence, blessing him with forgiveness. Joseph is patronized by his brothers, who were jealous of his of his position to their father, thrown in a cistern and sold as a slave. Though he took his chance to spread fear among their hearts, he also saved them from famine. Forgiving them with forever love and providing them and their families with many blessings and the necessities of survival.
This is astonishing to me as I write being that I am listening to my own children quarrel. As I am also reminded of my very own brother who carries unknown grudges, as do my uncles, all with some resemblance to my in-law family, filled with favoritism, resentments as well as unknown grudges mirroring jealousy. Everyone is still blessed with the breath of life and little distances between us, yet living with hardened hearts rather than being as forgiving as the men of God.
I pray to the Lord that my children will be able to keep love among their hearts for each other and that guides me to maintain the ability to teach them such compassion and prevent them from being subjected to anything less.

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