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Blogging Goals

Rather than go into the long story of how and why I started this blog I will say that I have gone about it the wrong way. I love to write and have thoroughly enjoyed blogging since the day I signed up for Myspace (lol) but when I found out that I could get paid for it I TRIED to turn it into a business by adding the very things that I was reading about…saving money. I recently realized that part of writing was not my niche, though saving money is my niche writing about was not, only because I was looking at it in the wrong light, trying to focus on the business, rather than the passion. Which brought me to the reconstruction of this blog entirely that in turn brings me to setting goals for this recreation and resolutions for the New Year.

My first goal is to join a blogging community. I never knew they existed but have noticed there are a lot out there so research is important, so that I am happy where I live.

My second goal is to make my voice heard. I read so many blogs yet I don’t let it be known that I was even there, so I will comment more often.

My third goal is to be consistent. I see this as my weak spot being that I can’t tell people to check out my blog if nothing is going to be there or my last post was last month. Therefore I must set myself a schedule, which brings me to my fourth goal.

My fourth goal is to set a schedule not just for my blog but computer time in general. Every time I get on the computer for one simple task it never fails I always get caught up in something else. Sometimes it is not even in the same subject as the very task I was trying to complete. This means I have to clean out my reader which I did today, it was hard for me to let some go but I had to do it.

My fifth goal is to organize and prioritize. Though I want to concentrate on making my blog more successful (“likeable”) I don’t need to take any time away from my family, so to limit myself on computer time I have a tablet that I am going to write down things I want to research or look up on the web and I will check them off when I have my “web time”. This way my time is spent wisely.

My final and most important goal is to bring back the passion. Writing form the heart is the only way I know how to write, any other way just leaves gibberish on these web pages though I will still be sharing my money saving techniques I will be doing it....passionately. You will see what I mean.

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