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Savings Week 1/24

So my budget this week is combined with next week being that I have yet to get my ducks in a row after having my third son. Going from 1 child to 2 children is a piece of cake compared to going from 2 children to 3. This gives me even more reasons to be as frugal as possible.
My hubby was actually off today therefore I took full advantage of his presence by hitting up 3 stores in one day;


7-Shout Wipe’n Go Wipes-$6.79
-7-$.55 qp (S 1/10)

7-Gatorade G2-$6.72
-7-$.50 qp (R 1/10)

1-Sensodyne Toothpaste-$.99
-1-$1.oo qp (R 1/3)

Huggies Diaper Deal;
Buy 3 participating Huggies and receive a $5 Gift Card

3- Jumbo bags of Huggies Diapers-$26.97
-3-$3.00 qp from mailers

Total OOP- around $26.00
Total Savings of - $27.71


7-Birds Eye Steam Fresh Vegetables-$8.33
-7-$.50 qp (s 1/10)

6-Blistex lip balm-$.83
-6-$.35 qp (s1/17)

9-Hunts canned tomatoes-BOGO-$6.26
-3-$.45/3 qp (s 1/24)

3-Boxes of New York Texas Toast-BOGO-$3.29
-3-$.40 qp (s 1/8)

Total OOP-$7.61
Total Savings-$37.39

CVS Trip 1/18

So I am a little late on sharing my CVS trip but due to the circumstance I believe that it is still my duty in still doing so. My trip was only intended to purchase medicine for my children therefore I was not equipped with my full ECBs and being that I realized the ones that I did have with me were about to expire my first transaction is really not one to brag about. After returning home I thought of a few things that I really needed and returned with my full ECBs for the other 2 transactions.

Transaction #1

• Glade fabric softener- $3.99
• $2.00 ECB
• Total- $1.99
• Tax- $.37
• Total OOP- $2.36
• ECBs earned- $3.00

Transaction #2

• 1 bag of M&M’s- $2.50
• 1 bag of Mini M&M’s- $2.50
• Bonus Buy of Johnson and Johnson baby was and lotion-$4.49
• 3 Bonus Buys of Soft Soap hand wash- $11.97
• $1.00 qp for M&M’s
• $3.00 ECB from transaction #1
• $15.00 ECB from other transaction
• Total- $2.46
• Tax $.60
• Total OOP- $3.06
• ECBs earned $10.00

Transaction #3

• 3 Valentine boxed candy- $2.64
• Joh…

Bible in 90 Days Latest Update

Well last week I grounded myself from the netbook being that I felt I was spending too much time on it rather than concentration on my 90 day challenge. I was so far behind that it seemed like I would never catch and technically I still haven’t. What I thought would only take a few days ended up being a week due to the fact that 2 of my children fell ill in the middle of it all.

My youngest had a touch of thrush, in which I have never had the pleasure of dealing with before and I had no idea it was contagious until I showed up at work, dropping him off in his childcare room, which is when I also discovered since I nurse I too need to be treated, but that is another post. About the same time my middle son was diagnosed with inphantigo which is extremely contagious, I know because the doctor actually shared that information. Poor guy was more upset that he could no longer kiss his baby brother till it went away than he was with the medicine he had to swallow.

In the mean time I was pick…

Reading the Bible in 90 Days Update

I totally vamped up for this awesome challenge yet when the gun fired I fell flat on my face. I never thought that reading my bible would become such a challenge. I got through Genesis with lessons learned and my heart thinking, along with every intention to keep going. Yet I haven’t picked my Bible up since :-( Though it is not the fact that I so easily put it down that is bothering me, it is the fact that I had/have a support group that I have let down.

Although I have to say I believe that this challenge has encouraged the Lord to work harder on throwing me obvious signs that I am no longer able to miss or it has just opened my eyes to them even more, then again this could be my guilty conscience speaking out loud. Either way I am getting the spiritual messages that he is sending me regarding the actions in which I have recently chosen to take.
This past Saturday I could have used valuable time to catch up in my Bible reading yet instead I wasted time catching up on my internet re…


Forgiveness is very powerful having the ability to demolish sybil rivalry. From death, to birthrights and even abandonment, leaves no room for lifelong grudges. If only some today we could embrace this amount of forgiveness in our hearts and grasp the importance of family, brothers and sisters being of best friends.
Obvious favoritism is shown between Isaac and Rebekah over their sons, Esah and Jacob. Jacob steels Esah’s birthrights as well as his father’s blessings, yet when years of absence pass Esah greats his brother with great joy and open arms, weeping of his presence, blessing him with forgiveness. Joseph is patronized by his brothers, who were jealous of his of his position to their father, thrown in a cistern and sold as a slave. Though he took his chance to spread fear among their hearts, he also saved them from famine. Forgiving them with forever love and providing them and their families with many blessings and the necessities of survival.
This is astonishing to me as I w…

Blogging Goals

Rather than go into the long story of how and why I started this blog I will say that I have gone about it the wrong way. I love to write and have thoroughly enjoyed blogging since the day I signed up for Myspace (lol) but when I found out that I could get paid for it I TRIED to turn it into a business by adding the very things that I was reading about…saving money. I recently realized that part of writing was not my niche, though saving money is my niche writing about was not, only because I was looking at it in the wrong light, trying to focus on the business, rather than the passion. Which brought me to the reconstruction of this blog entirely that in turn brings me to setting goals for this recreation and resolutions for the New Year.

My first goal is to join a blogging community. I never knew they existed but have noticed there are a lot out there so research is important, so that I am happy where I live.

My second goal is to make my voice heard. I read so many blogs yet I don’t …

Reading the Bible in 90 Days/Day 5

Well I am a little slow at getting started I did not want it to be this way, I know that I have a 2 day “Grace” period but I would rather save them for a much later time. Now that my hubby has informed me that he thinks this challenge is impossible I am even more determined to succeed on this mission than ever before. Though, I have to agree, in part, that it is a little more overwhelming than I thought. To a single person I am sure it can be accomplished more easily than I who has 3 children, 2 which are in diapers, a 9 year old with homework and a firefighting hubby to cook for, care for and clean up after. Due to homemaking and a career this challenge becomes a task that has to be scheduled, in which goes against my theory that reading the bible should be in leisure rather than as an assignment…little did I know that it is an assignment, form God!

None the less here I am arriving in Genesis chapter 20 and from the very beginning it is amazing to the power of our mighty God. From Ad…

Reading the Bible in 90 Days

In the construction of my blog I have not only decided to take it in a more direct direction but to keep it neat and not cluttered with useless information. Though I believe in everything I write about, I am not always compassionate about it, therefore, my resolution for 2010 pertaining to my blog is to write with more passion as well as being more consistent. Which is why I am so excited about my first official post for 2010, it is also my first series since joining the blogosphere.
One of my favorite blogs Keeping the Kingdom First had a post about this challenge (Reading the Bible in 90 Days) just a few days ago and I am now just getting to read it, in the nick of time I might add being that the challenge starts today. Seems Mom's Tool Box posted about this challenge first and has encouraged her readers and reader’s readers to join together to make this challenge a success for everyone.

About a year or so ago my hubby and I purchased our first NIV Bibles, being raised by the Kin…

Kroger Coupons Policy

I recently submitted a request for Kroger coupon policy and here is the response I received;

Thank you for contacting The Kroger Co. The coupon policy for your area is as follows:
Internet Coupon Policy ALL Banner Stores!!

We only accept printable coupons if they scan properly at checkout.

We do not accept "FREE product" printable coupons, with no purchase requirement. Buy-one-get-one-free coupons and other values that have a purchase requirement are acceptable but will be MUCH less common than traditional value-off coupons.

We do not accept coupons for more than about 75% of a product's value without advance notice. Legitimate PAH coupons will not be for a high value relative to the cost of the item. For example, a $2 off coupon will be acceptable for a product that normally sells for $5 or more, but a $2 off printable coupon for a product that sells for $2.25 is unlikely to be legitimate.

Coupons will be rejected if they appear out of proportion or blurry, or are obvious dup…

Shopping at CVS

First of all this can be very confusing, at least it was for me in the very beginning, so try not to be completely overwhelmed. I will try to explain it in the simplest terms as possible and you can always Google it for directions from other fellow bloggers.

First of all you will need to find if there is a CVS store near you.

Second you will need to sign up for an ECB (Extra Care Bucks) card. You can do this online or in store, just ask your cashier for an application and he/she will have the card for you immediately. To apply online you will have to wait for the card to arrive in the mail.

Extra Care Bucks are just like money only in coupon form that is printed out at the bottom of your receipt in which you can use on your next transactions. Yet, ECB’s can not be used on prescriptions, tobacco and/or alcohol products. Each week as well as every month CVS will run promotions to earn ECB’s, for example if you by abc you will receive xyz in ECBs. There is a different sales ad for the mo…

Stock Piling

Learned through the Grocery Game stockpiling is basically building your own Grocery store at home. By saving the most money you buy your items at mass quantity at rock bottom prices while the sale trend is running, so that when the sale ends you are not stuck with buying your items at premium prices. By stockpiling you barely run out of things to carry, eliminating frequent runs to the grocery store for "odds and ends".
Sale trends are run by category therefore it often takes up to 12 weeks to get a well rounded stock pile. Most sales go on for 3 weeks at a time and some sale trends are categorized seasonally. This is why I do not post all the sales in which the stores are running, giving you more bang for your buck. Building up an adequate stock pile takes time and will only happen over period of time being that not every item will be on both stockpile and need lists for your family at the same time. Which then leads to the very reason to stockpile coupons.
Collecting an ab…